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Ellicottville Entertainment and Night Life – April 6, 2012 Edition

Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville

By Robby & Sherman Wilkens

April and Ellicottville’s version of spring is in full swing. Yes, we have sun, rain and our lawns need mowing. Both Holiday Valley and Holimont have stopped skiing for this season. Yes, both Elkdale Country Club and Holiday Valley’s Double Black Diamond Golf Courses are open, complete with carts and very playable. While Holiday Valley has only the front nine holes open, Elkdale Country Club is in true mid-season form. So call either place for a Tee Time, then get out and enjoy our next season of FUN.

Moving now to the music and other GOOD TIMES happenin here in Ellicottville. Starting today Friday April 6, 2012 through Thursday April 12, 2012 we will have six Bands, two DJ’s several Sound System Music Nights plus all the regular food and drink specials that make Ellicottville and the surrounding area such a neat place to enjoy life.

The PUB in Great Valley will again be music free this week. However they will be gearing up for their second Anniversary Party on Saturday April 14. We will have more details in next weeks article. So this week just enjoy the local FUN of The PUB.

The Sound System events happening: First Madigans, according to “El Shaneo Mac”, will be playing their version of Madigans Party Favorites until 10:00 PM most days. Then Club Madigans will take over and really increase the Good Times till close. Also, weather permitting; Madigans Up-Stairs Patio Bar will be open.

Next The Depot, which will be open through Saturday this week. Then reopen Wednesday, will have their Sound System, during the dinner hours, doing family oriented tunes that will enhance The Depots Excellent Menu. Then the music moves on as the desires and wishes of the crowd changes. The music of The Rolling Stones will again be featured along with their normal selection really FUN Ski Flicks. The Depot will also be selling tickets for their “Rolling Stones Fiftieth Anniversary Party” taking place the weekend of April 13 & 14. So as we usually say, stop in The Depot to enjoy the FUN and good times happening there on a regular basis.

            The third location having their sound system going most of the hours they are open is Balloons. Their new Sound & Light System, like we usually say, is among the best. Whether it is playing unattended or in the hands of a DJ, the sound quality and light experience now in Balloons is really neat.

The first band gig of the weekend begins this Friday evening at 7:00 PM in Balloons with “The Ozone Rangers” in house. This classic to southern rock band, as we all know, is the very best of it’s kind. We also usually point out, they look a bit like “ZZ Top” and in fact their second set is usually dedicated to the music and show of “ZZ Top”. They are very crowd friendly and totally FUN. Therefore, Balloons will be the place to be this Friday for good music and even better times. Following “The Ozone Rangers”, “Personable DJ John Barry” will have his “Personality Show-Off Show” on display LIVE from Balloons Sound Booth. John’s personality and tune selection will further enhance the FUN & Balloons Good Times that “The Ozone Rangers” created till close. One more point, if you wish to enjoy Balloons Excellent Fish Fry, you should arrive early because “The Ozone Rangers” will draw a crowd.

Moving to Saturday, Balloons starts us ROCKIN at 6:00 PM with “The Rhythm Rockers” Most of us Balloons Regulars remember this very fine band as “Stevie B & The Rhythm Rockers”. As we have said in the past, “The Rhythm Rockers” are a veteran band, with their roots in The Blues that has moved on to a wider variety of Classic Rock including some Southern Rock. In their recent Balloons Gigs they have included a couple of “Blackfoot” tunes, one of which is “Train”. Stevie B does this excellent tune in true “Blackfoot” style. Maybe they will have a few more for us this week. Following “The Rhythm Rockers”, “DJ Friendly or Chatty Frank Watson”, who is “Ellicottville’s Original Party Monster” has assured Balloons that his pass from The Disoriented DJ Home will still be in place this Saturday, so he may do his All Ages Friendly Party Continuation Show from Balloons New Sound & Light Booth till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday, The Gin Mill will have “Ray D O’Flyer” on their music stage. “Ray D O’Flyer”, or Radio Flyer if you wish, is a very FUN Honky Tonk Oldies to Retro Rock N Roll Band playing tunes from the fifties and sixties in a way that returns us to Rock N Oldies days. This regular Gin Mill Band, like every time they play here, will bring out the bobby socks, poodle skirts and slicked back hair for all the good time “Rock N Roll” party people here in Ellicottville. Another really FUN Gin Mill Music Night is on the way this Saturday. Also remember, The Gin Mill serves their excellent, yet reasonably priced, menu till midnight on weekends.

Since Sunday is Easter Sunday, the village and the surrounding area will be quiet. Therefore we should all enjoy family and friends for this holiday.

We now move to Dingus Day Monday, which will again be a single band evening.  The Gin Mill, while still music free on Monday, will have daily food and drink specials available. Then as always, they will have their normal friendly and FUN staff on duty creating a good down home atmosphere for FUN times.

Moving around the corner to Balloons, where Mike Brady will be hosting their music, pizza and twenty-five cent wing Monday Night Special. The music will come from Balloons New Sound & Light System. So stop in Balloons on Monday, say “Hi Mike”, and then enjoy the FUN, music, pizza and excellent twenty-five cent wings.

Dingus Day Monday’s only band gig, will begin at 10:00 PM sharp in Madigans with “Church on Monday”, Ellicottville’s only “All Original Music Experience”. “Dr. Polski Da Dyngus Day Prince of Pop” or if you wish “The Reverend Jack DarFaSette” will be in charge and perform on this night of original music, frolic and general silliness. One or more FUN music characters that also strive to make this Madigans Music Night an even better time have been known to occasionally join The Reverend Jack. This is a truly interesting and FUN night of music.

Moving to Wednesday at 8:00 PM, The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner and John Winston doing their usual Wednesday Music Tradition. That being their wonderful version of sixties through the eighties folk to southern rock acoustic tunes. As we say most every week, this Gin Mill Tradition is one of the best and most FUN music nights in Ellicottville. So stop by The Gin Mill, enjoy some excellent wings and the really neat music of Joe and John.

Thursday our music becomes complete at 8:00 PM with “The Weekly Notice Band” Rockin & Whoopin Up The Gin Mill.  This week’s version will again be “The FAR OUT Band”. Which, as we know is The Freddie And RT Outstanding Band. So, as we always say, Brian or RT, or maybe both, will join Freddie, making “The Weekly Notice Band” a Unique and FUN Gin Mill Music Experience this and every Thursday.

C. U. Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

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