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Ellicottville Entertainment and Night Life – April 21, 2012 Edition

Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville


By Robby & Sherman Wilkens

The springtime of April continues forward. Yes, we have had some chilly and rainy days. However our total out door time, so far this spring, hasn’t been that bad. So as we move toward summer just take advantage of every nice day that comes along. One more indication that another summer of FUN is just around the corner. Our Chamber of Commerce just announced that the headline band for The Summer Festival of The Arts concerts taking place June 29, 2012 through July 1, 2012 at Holiday Valley will be “The Guess Who”. Along with “The Guess Who” performing on Sunday we will have “Sister Hazel” on Friday and “The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra” on Saturday followed by the traditional fireworks. Once again The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce headed up by Brian McFadden and supported by Heather and Kelly do an unbelievably good job of making Ellicottville a really neat place to visit and an even better place to call home.

Our outdoor FUN continues on our two local golf courses. Both Holiday Valley’s Double Black Diamond Course and Elkdale Country Club are in very close to mid summer form. Both are available to play. Therefore call either club, make a Tee Time and get out any enjoy a really neat day of golf and good times.

Our music and indoor good times are also right up there. Starting today, Friday April 20, 2012 through Thursday April 26, 2012 we will have seven bands, two DJ’s, a couple of sound system music events plus all the wonderful food and drink specials that are available in our really fine clubs and restaurants making for another great week here in Ellicottville.

One of the Sound System Music Events, like most weeks, will take place in Madigans. Most days of the week, Madigans Sound System will be playing their version of “Party Favorites”. Then around 10:00 PM, especially on weekends, Club Madigans will take over and increase the FUN & Good Times till close.

Our band music parade begins at 7:00 PM Friday with “Only Humen” a veteran Ellicottville favorite band performing in Balloons. As us Ellicottvilleites know, “Only Humen”, is a wonderful three-piece, classic rock band that usually has Frank, on bass, Ken on guitar and Rick, “The Animal”, on drums. This trio will be performing their wonderful classic rock from the seventies, eighties and beyond while Humenizing the music loving Balloons Crowd. Following “Only Humen” “Personable DJ John Barry” will take over and do his very friendly, LIVE, “Personality Show Off Show” from Balloons Wonderful Sound & Light Booth. John’s LIVE Show will include a neat, danceable selection of tunes and entertaining conversation till close.

Saturday’s music begins where we left off yesterday, about 6:00 PM in Balloons with “Paul Briandi & The All Stars Band” performing their really entertaining Blues, R&B to Classic Rock Show. When they were here last December, they were a six piece band that put on an excellent show. Their web site points out that this neat band has been entertaining audiences for three decades. Their previous Balloons Gigs were shows that really moved your body and soul. All Blues to Rock fans will want to catch this FUN gig.  Following “The Paul Briandi & The All Star Band”, “DJ Chatty, Friendly and totally  Flakey Frank Watson”, who is “Ellicottville’s Original Party Monster” has assured Balloons and the rest of the world that his pass from The Disoriented DJ Home will still be in place this Saturday, for at least another twenty-four hours, allowing him to do his All Ages Friendly Party Continuation Show, including FUN danceable tunes, till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday, The Gin Mill will have “The Smarty Jones & Friends Band” on their music stage.  As we saw last month, RT and a couple of his friends have formed this very interesting band. The show this three-piece group did included many classic rock to country tunes done in a very audience friendly style that had The Gin Mill Music Lovin Crowd Bopin & Wevin with the music of this really FUN show. Also keep in mind, if you wish a late night meal, The Gin Mill is the place, especially on weekends.

The PUB in Great Valley will also host a 9:00 PM Saturday gig, “Steve and Charity” from “Big Leg Emma” will be in house. This acoustic duo puts on an excellent Folk to Bluegrass to Country to Contemporary Rock Music Show featuring both on guitar and vocals. What they do especially well, besides their tunes and harmony, is the way they interact with the crowd. This show will create a really FUN Saturday Music Night in The PUB.   Bi Hailing from western New York, Big

Again Ellicottville will have quiet Sunday. So here we go on to next Monday through Thursday. Monday will be a single band and sound system evening. There will be several food and drink specials in and around our village making for a pretty FUN Monday.

We begin in Balloons, where Mike Brady will be hosting their music, pizza and twenty-five cent wing Monday Night Special. The music will come from Balloons Super Sound & Light System. So stop in Balloons this Monday, say “Hi Mike”. Then enjoy the FUN, music, pizza and excellent twenty-five cent wings.

Monday’s band gig will be Madigans Church On Monday, beginning at 10:00 PM Sharp. The Reverend Jack DarZaFasette, the creator of this All Original Music Happenin, that occasionally will include other local music characters. As always, this gig will be original, FUN entertainment and Madigans is home to this show most every Monday.

Moving to Wednesday at 8:00 PM, The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner and John Winston doing their Wednesday Tradition of wonderful sixties through the eighties folk to southern rock acoustic tunes. As we say most every week, this Gin Mill Tradition is one of the best and most FUN music nights in Ellicottville. So stop by The Gin Mill, enjoy some excellent wings and the great music performed by Joe and John.

Thursday our music becomes complete at 8:00 PM with “The Weekly Notice Band” Whoopin Up The Gin Mill.  This week’s version will be “The FAR OUT Band”. Which is The Freddie And RT Outstanding Band. Therefore, as we always say, Brian or RT or maybe both will join Freddie, making “The Weekly or Moments Notice Band” a Unique and FUN Gin Mill Music Experience this and every Thursday.

C. U. Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

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