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Ellicottville Village Board Meeting – April 9, 2012

The Village Board meeting was called to order by Mayor Coolidge at 6:00pm Monday April 9, 2012.  First on the agenda was the Department of Public Works report from harold Morton, who reviewed the list of March projects. Removing Christmas lights and banners, repairs made on the Village pickup truck and street sweeping was discussed.  Water meter books and the new automated system was reviewed.  It was discovered that two townhomes at Greystone haven’t paid sewer fees for several years, and that meters were  required to be installed by the owners.  6 other hookups were discovered not tied into the Village water system, but were now accounted for.  Questions were raised about the new lights installed in the Mill Street underpass.


Howard Gifford presented his Village Constable Report.  During the month of March, 16 vehicle and traffic summonses were issued.  Under Non-Criminal Arrests were 5 open container violations, 2 public urination violations, and 1 ABC Violation.  An intoxicated male at the Wingate call was answered, a motion detector call to the Silver Fox was answered, and assisted a residential lockout.  A civilian accident report was answered in Great Valley and on Irish Hill.  27 parking tickets were issued during March, 3 were voided.  16 parking tickets were issued and paid in March, and another 34  were paid from previous time periods, making a total collection of $1790 in paid tickets.


The Sewer Report was made next, which included dig requests for 32, 26 and 28 Monroe Street, 9 Maple Avenue, several utility pole replacements, and Holiday Valley and Holimont .  Several maintenance items were taken care of, most of which were getting mowers ready for the upcoming season.  A pre-demolition meeting was attended with Tom Abriatis and mark Alianello, and the Duggan and Duggan Reps.


Water District lines and who built them.

The Engineer’s Report covered a meeting with Mark Jackson from the NYSDEC concerning the consent order schedule.  United Survey has not completed the Rockwell Sewer Lining project.  The site plans for Kabob’s Kafe were reviewed and discussed.  Concerns over the proposed driveway drainage were the main issue, and revised drawings were just recently received from Mark Alianello’s office.  The East Hill Tank project will be on the April meeting agenda for the Town.


The Cooperative Extension and Arboretum were discussed under Old Business.  The Village is waiting for a contract to take to the Village Attorney.  Two separate contracts were discussed, one being necessary with the Town, and one with the Village.  The parking lot boundaries were discussed, and it was advised to have a survey done.


Summer interns were discussed for the purpose of flower and lawn maintenance.   The Village Park signage was also talked about, perhaps getting a bronze plaque similar to the one on the Gazebo.  The 175th Anniversary of the Village was also talked about, and the Board will be looking into the cost of purchasing a large banner to acknowledge the dates.


The Regular meeting was closed at 7:35pm, and the annual Re-organizational meeting was then called to order.  Village staff and board members were confirmed, Alley Katz members were confirmed, official holidays of the Village were reviewed, and other official details were listed.  Of significance to this publication, The Ellicottville Times was made an Official newspaper of the Village.


Not to be forgotten during the meeting was a 70th Birthday cake honoring “Sherrie”.

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