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Fundraisers for 2012 Ellicottville Relay For Life Underway

Fundraisers for 2012 Relay For Life Underway
By Erin Bohn

The fight against cancer continues on June 2, 2012, the date of Ellicottville’s Relay For Life.

Team captains just had their second meeting and it looks to be an exciting, inspirational event. The meeting included fundraising information for the teams, American Cancer Society “Ban the Teen Tan” awareness and updates about “Paint the Town Purple.”

A single man, colorectal surgeon Dr. Gordy Klatt, first began the relay in 1985. He ran and walked for 24 straight hours to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Three hundred of his friends, family, and patients came out to support him; Dr. Klatt ended up raising $27,000. This first relay developed into what we know today – the one with the motto “Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.”

There are so many great fundraisers going on for all of the teams. If you just want to give a donation to any of the teams, go online to, click support a team and donate!

Teams have individual fundraisers as well. The Charlesworths are mother and daughter co- captains holding Cow Plop Bingo. This will take place this Saturday, April 21 at 1 p.m. at Charlesworth Farm in Little Valley; it is the first farm on Wellman Road.

The Ellicottville Teacher’s Association is also conducting a Boot Drive on May 5 from 8 a.m.–4 p.m., in front of M&T Bank in Ellicottville.

Holiday Valley Helpers will be at the Maple Festival on both Saturday and Sunday. The captain, Priscilla Snider, is currently battling cancer and selling “Losing is Not an Option” tee shirts for $10 to $13. She also has rubber/silicone bracelets that say “WTF WIN THE FIGHT.” To order, call her at (716) 790-0473 or send an e-mail to

A chicken barbeque will take place at the relay and tickets will be pre-sold by team members. Tickets are $8.50. If you are a survivor, you eat free. The meal will include half a chicken, red potatoes, baked beans and water, and will be served from 2–4 p.m.

As you may have heard, California just passed the “Ban the Teen Tan” law and the American Cancer Society is looking to pass it in New York as well. The relay’s ACS staff member wants anyone who supports banning indoor tanning for anyone under 18 to talk to their local legislature about putting it into law.

You may have noticed the pretty purple ribbons that lined Route 219 in previous years. Well, that is part of “Paint the Town Purple.” The Ellicottville Teacher’s Association lines the trees and poles from the village to the school to show the way to the relay. This has gone on for quite a few years and they hope to have the ribbons up by the first week in May. Emily Salim’s team also does this in Little Valley, Cattaraugus and East Otto.

There are so many ways to help: donate through the website, give directly to teams, put money in cans that will be around town and donate at the relay. Come and show your support for survivors and those still fighting cancer on June 2 from noon to midnight at Ellicottville Central School’s track. And, remember to celebrate those who have triumphed over cancer, remember those who haven’t and fight back against cancer!

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