Thursday , June 27 2019
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Cattaraugus County Assessment Rolls

On Tuesday, the local assessors of Cattaraugus County will file their tentative assessment rolls, which will provide the taxpayers in our county the opportunity to review and compare assessments and the taxable value of their properties to similar properties in their municipalities. As treasurer of Cattaraugus County, I would like to remind our taxpayers that they can obtain this information by either visiting the local assessor’s office or simply by using the county website, Click on Real Property (left-hand  side), click the online property button, type in last name or property address and click search. This site allows you to not only review your assessment, but to also obtain comparable properties to help you determine if you are properly assessed. Taxpayers who feel they are not accurately assessed should first meet with the local assessor. If after the meeting you still are not satisfied, you can present your concerns/ complaints to the Board of Assessment Review for your municipality on Grievance  Day. Real Property Tax Form 524 must be completed and given to the Board of Assessment Review. Your local assessor can provide you with the form. Grievance Day is held each year on the fourth Tuesday in May in each municipality, unless local law has moved it to an alternate date. Please check with your local  ass essor To  verify the actual date in your municipality. As county treasurer, I feel that it is imperative that our taxpayers know that it is up to them to monitor their assessments to ensure that their property is fairly assessed. Please take a moment and review your assessment.


Joseph G. Keller

Cattaraugus County



On April 1, the local assessors of Cattaraugus County will officially file their tentative property assessment rolls. If you own real property, you can obtain your assessment information by visiting your local assessor’s office or by going to the county website at then clicking on Real Property, online property, and typing in the last name or property address. You can also compare properties to yours to determine if you are properly assessed. If you feel you are not accurately assessed, please meet first with your local assessor. If you are not satisfied after that meeting, you can present your concerns to the Board of Assessment Review on Grievance Day, annually held on the fourth Tuesday in May (please double check with your assessor of this date). Be sure to complete Real Property Tax Form 524 to bring to Grievance Day.


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