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Family Fun at ECS Science and Technology Exposition

By Erin Bohn

The second annual Science and Technology Exposition is almost here. On May 15, 2012, at Ellicottville Central School, students in grades 6–12 will have their hard work from the past year on display. There are many science and technology related projects and demonstrations for everyone to enjoy.

Classes involved in the expo are Earth Science, Chemistry, 7th grade Accelerated Science, Environmental Science, Engineering Design, Robotics and Middle School Sciences. The organizer of the event, Ms. Brierton, is also the Earth Science teacher whose class will be showing many written projects. The class will also hold an egg drop contest from a fire truck’s ladder at 7 p.m.; the students will be protecting their eggs will contraptions they have built.

Mr. Schwartz’s classes are Chemistry, Environmental Science and the 7th grade Accelerate Science class. They have a wide array of projects that include acid base titration, cosmetics, water quality test, models of atoms and taste testing to study genetics.

Mr. Edwards, who teaches Engineering Design and Robotics, has as very big project for his classes to display. It is a Rube Goldberg machine that stands 48 feet tall. There will be 12 robotic features that include motors and sensors in the display.

The Psychics class, taught by Mr. Wood, will have a great display that applies the uses of optics. The middle school with have their excellent projects on display as well.

Don’t forget to bring the younger children as well. There will be many activities for them at the exposition including kite making, moon phases using Oreos, a fossil dig, bridge building and robotics.

The Science and Technology Exposition is educational fun for the whole family. Feel welcome to come by the Ellicottville High School cafeteria on May 15 from 6-8 p.m.


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