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May Village of Ellicottville Board Meeting:

American Locker to Close

Signore Building Demolition to Begin in June

By Jennie Acklin


Deputy Mayor Bob Brogcinski called the village board meeting on May 14, 2012, to order, then followed with the announcement of receipt of the sales tax check for $86,742.33, which is $4,000 more than budgeted for the quarter.


The Department of Public Works report addressed the new water meter installation, with approximately 125 left to install. Village street sweeping, mowing and brush pickup has been done. Brush and downed tree limbs from the late April snowstorm in late April have been chopped. Anyone who wants chips can come to the village DPW from 9 a.m.–2 p.m. Fifteen new trees were planted around the village due to losses from the emerald ash borer.


The Sewer Report all required tests and maintenance have been completed. Of special note was a meeting with Holiday Valley regarding the grease traps/separator for the new building.


Howard Gifford presented the Constable’s Report stating 28 vehicle and traffic summonses were issued in April, one open container arrest was made and no parking tickets were issued. After-hours parking and gathering in the village park has been a problem and the offenders were advised of the 9 p.m. closing hour. Gifford also informed the board of the new FCC regulation requiring the Sheriff’s Department to convert their radios from analog to digital, as required by any county municipality that requires communication with the Sheriff’s Department. Gifford’s proposal from a Jamestown vendor outlines a request for four Motorola portable radios to be in place by mid-October 2012.


Over a dozen building permits were issued for various projects in the village. The demolition of 28 Monroe St. by Peter Kreinheder and the relocation of same building to 37 Washington were listed, as well as the renovation to 26 Monroe St. by Gretchen Mendell, renovation to 18 Monroe S. by Kim Reading, and various residential projects.


Several recent Village Planning Board decisions were noted. Kody Sprague’s site plan for 11-13 Elizabeth St. was approved with 12 conditions to be met. Sprague’ Special Use Permit and Zoning Permit were also approved to establish a bowling alley/pizzeria at that same location with five conditions to be met.


Under Old Business, Trustee Bob Brogcinski brought up the issue of the Dangerous Condition Notice sent to American Locker in a previous letter sent to the Texas office. It was stated that American Locker was closing its manufacturing plant on Martha Street in August 2012 and that the building was going to be sold.  A Dangerous Condition Notice should be on file so that any potential buyers would be aware of the issue at hand – the wall that borders and contains the creek has been damaged by fallen trees, which are hanging into the creek. Many board members were unaware that American Locker was closing its doors and moving all operations to Texas. (See separate article on page _____).


Mentioned under New Business was a need for a public hearing regarding changing minimum sewer usage amounts to match water usage rates. A date will be set for the public hearing prior to the next village board meeting.


Under New Business, a permit for demolition was issued for the Signore property on Route 219, currently owned by Iskalo Development Company of Williamsville. According to Tom Abriatis, no permits have been applied for or issued yet, although several conversations have taken place regarding the procedure for application and it is “in the works.” According to Abriatis, the process of letting bids out for demolition has begun, and demolition is tentatively scheduled for June 2012, to be completed by July 2012. The first phase of the demolition will take the building down to the concrete slab. A portion of the building contains asbestos and an asbestos survey report must be completed and on file before removal and demolition can begin.


Iskalo Executive Vice President David Chiazza spoke to the Times, confirming the process of removing the building under the Brownfield Cleanup Program, and that they were in the process of bidding out the demolition to contracting companies. The property has been allegedly involved in a lengthy insurance negotiation, and, according to Chiazza, “both parties continue to work on resolving the insurance claim.”


Phase two of the demolition will be site analysis regarding the underground tanks. The investigation of the site will begin once the building has been removed, and a report to the NYDEC is targeted for Oct. 1, 2012.  Once the report has been completed, any necessary site remediation will begin.


When asked about future plans for the property, which consists of approximately 40 acres and five different zoning districts, Chiazza responded that a concept plan was currently evolving and would be presented to the public. A mixed-use project is envisioned, including a commercial district that extends the downtown retail boutiques, plus hospitality and residential uses. According to Chiazza, “The goal is to help Ellicottville complete its plan of becoming a four-season destination and to expand the options available to the visitors.”


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