Wednesday , June 26 2019
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BOCES Students Run for Cancer

For the past several years, BOCES students from the Ellicottville Career and Technical Center have kicked off Ellicottville’s Relay For Life event with a 10K run/walk from Ellicottville Central School grounds through the streets of the village ending at the Ellicottville BOCES building on Route 242 East.

On the morning of May 24, ECS buses transported to the students from BOCES to ECS school grounds to begin the event. Some ran, some walked and it was a fun time for all.

Vicki Slevinski, the medical assisting instructor at BOCES in Ellicottville, said students were encouraged to raise money for the Relay For Life to benefit the American Cancer Society.

Other teachers involved in the event included Tim Emley, criminal justice instructor; Vicki Slevinski, medical assisting instructor; and Michelle Steinbroner, early childhood instructor.

Slevinski and Steinbroner participate in the Relay For Life in Ellicottville every year and tied these events together. Their personal relay team is called Friends Fighting for Friends.

At the end of the health run/walk, there was a reception/celebration with students and teachers providing the food and refreshments.

“Schubert (Enterprises) donated the revised t-shirts. Old t-shirts from previous races were given to us and Jodi Scanlon at Schubert (Enterprises) revised them and added ‘BOCES Supports Cancer Research’ on the sleeves,” explained Steinbroner. “The Ellicottville police were very supportive and helped us throughout entire race.”

The first three participants to cross the finish line were Mike Fagan, criminal justice student from Franklinville Central School; Tim Emley, criminal justice teacher; and Rick Love, criminal justice student from Franklinville Central School.


The medical assisting class not only produced runners but also supervised sports assistance tables, which were staffed with students and outfitted with blood pressure monitors to ensure the safety and health of the participants. They also handed out much-needed cold water.


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