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Ellicottville Entertainment and Night Life – June 8, 2012 Edition

Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville


By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens

After a pretty moist week, it looks like we will see, the weather drying out and be quite good this coming weekend, providing for another really neat outdoor time here in Ellicottville. Also, because of the weather, the golf, biking and hiking are providing some really FUN times. You may be a part of these FUN GOLF times by calling either Holiday Valley’s Double Black Diamond Course or Elkdale Country Club, make a Tee time and get out and enjoy, what we all here in Ellicottville take for granted, that being wonderful summer golf.

This FUN weekend will also include some neat music and other good times here in our village. Starting today, Friday June 8, 2012 through Thursday June 14, 2012, we will have nine Bands, two DJ’s, two “All Week Sound System Music Happenings” plus our normal good eats that are enhanced by the really fine food and beverage specials that are offered in our wonderful clubs and restaurants. Thereby making Ellicottville THE place to be this week and all year round.

As has been the case for the last few months, one of “The All Week Sound System Music Event” will happen in Madigans & Madigans Up-Stairs Patio & Party Bar. You will hear and enjoy a wonderful selection of contemporary to pop/rock tunes known as Madigans Party Favorites, played through their sound system until 10:00 PM when Club Madigans takes over increasing the FUN and tempo of the tunes in play.

The PUB in Great Valley will again be LIVE Music Free this week. However their neat local ambiance and general all around good times will be in play. So stop in The PUB anytime to enjoy their local friendly staff, reasonable prices on food and drinks plus the general FUN TIMES.

Our weekend of Bands begin this Friday at 7:00 PM in Balloons with a performance by “NY2LA” or if you wish “New York To LA”. This four-piece, twenty plus year veteran band has played here in Ellicottville a couple of times before. They play a very high-energy version of Classic Rock in a style that is unique to them. Their tune list includes both cover and original and as we said includes a style unique to them. Check out Balloons this Friday to enjoy the neat music of “NY2LA” and good times.

Following “NY2LA” “Personable DJ John Barry” will be LIVE in Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing his LIVE “Personality Show Off Show”. Which will include a neat selection of danceable tunes and John’s unique, interesting Chitter/Chatter till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Friday The Gin Mill will have “Road to Recover” on their Music Stage. Katie and John, who are “The Road To Recover”, were here last February. Their performance included tunes from Miranda Lambert to Adele and also included some Aerosmith. Like last February, This will be a very interesting and neat gig in The Gin Mill this Friday night. You may wish to arrive a bit early to enjoy The Gin Mill’s wonderful fish fry and all the other excellent items on their menu.

Moving to Saturday at 6:00 PM when Balloons will have “The Gretchen Schutz Band” in house. Gretchen, a twenty plus year veteran of the Buffalo Music scene, has a unique way of transfixing and stylizing her music with her vocal talent, guitar playing and stage presence, allowing her to create a really wonderful singer-songwriter music show. She will have Doug Morgano, Rob Lynch and Steve Sadoff as her band for this Balloons Gig. All three are very well known Buffalo Musicians. Following “The Gretchen Schulz Band”, “Ellicottville’s Original Party Monster”, “DJ. Flakey” or, if you wish, “Chatty Frank Watson” will have his marbles in place and his antenna adjusted so he may carry on The Balloons Party in his usual, very friendly & FUN way, till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday, The Gin Mill will have “The Smarty Jones Band” on their music stage. “RT Live” and a couple of his friends have formed this three-piece group doing classic rock to country tunes in a very audience friendly way that will have The Gin Mill Crowd Bopin & Wevin all night long. The times they have played here before were wonderful music shows. This Gin Mill Gig promises to be even better.    After another quiet unwind Sunday, we move on to our regular weekly lineup. As usual we begin on Monday in The Gin Mill with their “All U Can Eat Spaghetti and Garlic Toast Dinner” for only $6.99. This wonderful Gin Mill Meal is a true value, that Big Ray and many Ellicottvilleites enjoy every week. Check it out it is a great meal.

Moving around the corner on Monroe Street, Balloons Sound & Light System will be flowing with music and FUN. Mike Brady will, as always, be the host. So stop by Balloons, say Hi Mike then kick back and enjoy the good times.

Just down the block, at 7:00 PM Monday The Ellicottville Brewing Company will have “The Blue Mule Band” kicking off their summer patio series. Bluegrass with Heart done in true Blue Mule Country Style will make another EBC good time happen.

Back on Washington Street at 10:00 PM Sharp, “Madigans Church on Monday”, Ellicottville’s only “All Original Music Experience”, hosted and created by “The Reverend Jack DarZaVaset” or if you wish “Da Polski Prince of Silliness & Foolishness” will begin. As an added attraction, a few other local music characters might stroll in to be part of the music and FUN happenin in Madigans till about 1:00 AM.

Tuesday The Gin Mill, The Barn and John Harvard Pub will be offering “After Golf Drink & Dinner Specials” beginning around 5:00 PM. Therefore play some golf then enjoy the really excellent specials all three locations have to offer.

Wednesday, we will have two 8:00 PM gigs. First as always, The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner and John Winston doing their acoustic folk to southern rock music show featuring tunes from the folk era of sixties through the eighties and beyond done in their own folk rock style. Joe and John’s music, plus The Gin Mill’s Wednesday Wing Special of fifty cents each, creates a FUN mid-week music and munchies break.

Also at 8:00 Wednesday, Balloons will host a gig by “The Lustre Kings” This is a very hi-energy four-piece Rock A Billy Band from Albany that performed here for Critter & Frankie during last year’s Fall Fest. From their website, they have soulful, greasy, All-American sound that is impossible to resist and are assured to keep Balloons Bar & Dance Floor Hopping & Full in a really FUN FILLED WAY.

Then Thursday, at 8:00 PM, “The Weekly Notice Band” will be ROCKIN The Gin Mill. This week’s version of “The Weekly Notice Band”, will again be “The FAR Out Band”, or “The Rod And Freddie Outstanding Band”. With Freddie on bongos and vocals and Rod on guitar and vocals, we will hear tunes that will have an excellent country to southern rock sound creating another excellent The Gin Mill Music Show.

            C U Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

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