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Ellicottville Entertainment and Night Life – June 22, 2012 Edition

Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville


By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens


With the official beginning of summer and the longest day of the year happening this week and one of the most active music weeks of the year, Summer Music Festival of The Arts, just a week away, we will be enjoying what is referred to as a transition or in-between week this coming week. Yes there will be time to just sit back and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings. Maybe take a little hike or bike ride or even better yet a round of golf. Both Holiday Valley and Elkdale Country Club are in true mid-summer form and are available for your enjoyment. So if golf is your thing, just call either club, make a Tee time, then get out and enjoy the good times of summer here in Ellicottville.

Our music and other FUN STUFF line up is also right up to par. Starting today Friday June 22, 2012 through Thursday June 28, 2012 we will have ten Bands, two DJ’s, three Sound System Events plus all the food and drink specials that are offered by our wonderful clubs and restaurants. All of which, makes Ellicottville and the surrounding area such a neat place to be, year around.

One of the Sound System Events will happen in Madigans & Madigans Up-Stairs Party & Patio Bar beginning around 7:00 PM Friday and Saturday. First you will hear their neat version of “Party Favorites” till 10:00 PM. At that time, Club Madigans will take over increasing The FUN & Festivities till close.

The Depot will be open Thursday through Saturday this week and will have their sound system playing The Depot’s FUN in The Sun Favorites. They will also be serving up their super pizza and wing specials.

Our first band of the weekend begins this Friday at 7:00 PM in Balloons with “Maria Aurigema Band”. Maria, a devoted blues singer and guitar player, usually performs with a three-piece band consisting of bass, drums and keys. Like Maria’s website says, “Her music is mainly original blues creating a performance you won’t soon forget”. Maria and her band, as always, will do another excellent Blues Show. Following “Maria Aurigema”, “Personable DJ John Barry” will keep the party going by doing his LIVE “Personality Show Off Show” from Balloons Sound & Light Booth. John’s show includes neat danceable tunes and interesting chitter/chatter till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Friday “RT Live” will be WOWING The Gin Mill Crowd with his acoustic version of many classics to country rock tunes. For this gig, RT will be a solo act creating a FUN acoustic Gin Mill Music Night. For those of you who enjoy a late night meal, especially a fish fry, The Gin Mill is the place. Remember, they serve their excellent, reasonably priced, menu till midnight on weekends.

Saturday the music begins at 6:00 PM with “The Stevie Project” doing a gig in Balloons. Joseph Michael Mahfoud, who is “The Stevie Project”, does a really fine tribute show celebrating the music of “Stevie Ray Vaughan”. Besides the excellent cover tunes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Mr. Mahfoud will do several more tunes that are referred to as “Smokin Blues”. Therefore, if The Blues are high on your list of FUN things, Balloons will be the place to be this Saturday. Following “The Stevie Project”, “DJ. Chatty and really Flakey Frank Watson” who is “The Party Monster” more than likely will have his antenna properly adjusted and his marbles in place thereby allowing him to carry on The Balloons Party already happening in his usual, very friendly & FUN way, till close.

Next at 7:00 PM Saturday The Silver Fox will have “The Family Tree Band” on their outdoor music stage. This is a local three-piece, acoustic, close harmony trio featuring three members of the Peters Family, Delaney, Rick and Arron. Their music consists many tunes from the thirties to today with the emphasis being on the seventies. The harmony as always will be the highlight of this Silver Fox Show.

Then at 9:00 PM Saturday we complete the weekend’s music with two gigs. First The Gin Mil will host “The Speedy Parker Blues Band”. “Unique Blues” is how “Speedy Parker” describes The Blues Music they play. It is a fact, their Blues Tunes you can feel all the way to your soul. Every time this Gin Mill Regular Band has performed here in Ellicottville, their version of The Blues has been quite good. So lets get out and welcome “Speedy Parker” to The Gin Mill as we enjoy their neat and wonderful show.

Also at 9:00 PM Saturday The PUB in Great Valley will have “Roll The Dice”, our local retro, classic rock to country band with Freddie Joseph on percussion. As we all know, their music consists of most everything from the Rock A Billy era through the eighties with a true country sound or twist. The interesting combination of music they produce will create another Super Saturday Music Night in The PUB.

After another quiet unwind Sunday, we move on to our regular weekly lineup. As usual we begin on Monday in The Gin Mill with their “All U Can Eat Spaghetti and Garlic Toast Dinner” for only $6.99. This wonderful Gin Mill Meal is a true value, that many Ellicottvilleites, including Big Ray, enjoy every week.

Around the corner on Monroe Street, Balloons will have their Sound & Light System playing some neat tunes. Mike Brady, the host of this Monday Night Balloons Event, enjoys people stopping in, saying “Hi Mike”, then being part of the good times.

Just down the block, at 6:30 PM Monday The Ellicottville Brewing Company will have “The Blue Mule Band” continuing their Brews & Blue Grass series. Like last week, Bluegrass with Heart done in true Blue Mule Country Style will happen and create another neat music evening in The Ellicottville Brewing Company.

Then at 10:00 PM sharp on Monday, “Madigans Church on Monday”, Ellicottville’s only “All Original Music Experience” will begin. “The Reverend Jack DarVizzett” also known as “Da Polski Guru of Music” hosts this night of original music, silliness and good time frolic. Occasionally one or more other interesting music characters join in making this Madigans Music Night even more FUN.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, The Gin Mill, The Barn and The John Harvard Pub will be offering more “After Golf Drink & Dinner Specials”. So enjoy an afternoon of golf. Then check out the excellent specials all three locations have to offer.

The Gin Mill will host the final music gigs of this week First, Wednesday at 8:00 PM, Joe Wagner and John Winston will be doing their neat sixties through the eighties folk to southern rock acoustic music show. Retro Lil Joey playing The Spoons sometimes will join Joe and John making this Gin Mill Gig even more FUN.

Then Thursday at 8:00 PM, “The Weekly Notice Band” will really be Rockin The Gin Mill. This week’s version will be “The B,F&RT Trio”. Which is Brian, Freddie And RT Trio. There is a rumor on the street that a fourth member might join them this week. For sure this will be a Unique and FUN Gin Mill Thursday Music Experience.

C. U. Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

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