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Ellicottville Entertainment and Night Life – June 29, 2012 Edition – Summer Music Festival In Ellicottville

Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville



By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens

The Summer Festival of Music and Arts Weekend, organized by our hard working Chamber of Commerce, is our third festival weekend of 2012. That coupled with The Fourth of July Weekend, means we are really in for some FUN times here in Ellicottville. Starting today Friday June 29, 2012 through Thursday July 5, 2012 we will have twenty-four Bands, two DJ’s, the usual sound system events, a wonderful fireworks display plus all the neat food and beverage specials that are offered by our excellent restaurants and nightclubs. Eighteen of the bands will be this weekend and eight of the eighteen weekend bands will perform at Holiday Valley.

As always, for those of us who visit or live in The Ellicottville area, the out door FUN stuff is also going strong. This includes golf, biking and hiking. For golf, just call either Elkdale Country Club or Holiday Valley, make a Tee time, then get out and enjoy the good golf times both courses have to offer.

Our music kicks off at 3:00 PM this Friday afternoon in Holiday Valley’s Cabana Bar with The Theresa Quinn Trio. Theresa is an innovative pianist, vocalist and songwriter who performs an eclectic mix of blues-influenced to R&B standards. Then around 7:00 PM the first of the ticketed music gigs of The Summer Fest begins on Holiday Valley’s out-door music stage with Steel Keys & Brass who will be opening for Sister Hazel. Steel Keys & Brass, a four piece group with one or more on vocals, was the opening act for Rusted Root at last year’s Summer Fest. Then at 9:00 PM Sister Hazel will take the stage performing as their billing says, “Sister Hazel’s signature mix of Southern pop hooks and country rock harmonies that will keep audiences of all ages entertained”. WOW, what a great start to our super weekend!

Back in the village there will be two Friday night gigs. The first will be The A List doing a 7:00 PM Friday show in Balloons. This is a five-piece classic to pop to southern rock band playing cover tunes from the last sixty years in a style similar to the original artists. Following The A List, “Personable DJ John Barry” will be in Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing his LIVE “Personality Show Off Show”. As always, John will provide a danceable selection of tunes and good Party-Time FUN till close.

Next, Road To Recover will be doing a 9:00 PM Friday gig in The Gin Mill. . Katie and John, who are The Road To Recover, do a show that includes tunes from Miranda Lambert to Adele with some Aerosmith thrown in the mix for even more FUN.

Saturday gets started at 2:00 PM in The Town Park Gazebo with The Midnight Riders doing their classic to southern rock music show. This is a six-piece local band that does really neat cover classic to southern rock in a very audience involved and FUN way.

Then at 3:00 PM Saturday The Ellicottville Brewing Company will have The Caribbean Island Explosion Rhythm Band. As their name implies, this will be an out door Caribbean music experience that will have you wanting to book a cruise.

Next The Untouchables will be doing a 3:30 PM gig in Holiday Valley’s Cabana Bar. This four-piece band from Bemus Point does a neat blend of R&B, oldies R&R, classic soul plus a wide range of other music styles in a very entertaining way.

Moving to Balloons at 6:00 PM, an EVL favorite, The Ozone Rangers will be set up and ROCKIN the house with their wonderful version of southern to classic rock.

Following The Ozone Rangers, DJ Chatty or Flakey Frank, The Party Monster, will keep the party going in his FUN way from Balloons Sound & Light Booth till close.

Returning to 7:00 PM Saturday we will find The EZ3 doing their “Smooth Oldies & Cocktail Cozies” music show on the out side deck of The Silver Fox Steak House.

Then at 8:00 PM Saturday we move back to Holiday Valley’s Out Door Music Stage. Here we will have The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra doing a light classical set that will be followed by set of dance music. All of this will be followed by a spectacular fireworks show that will be seen by most everyone in the Ellicottville area.

Saturday’s music rounds out at 9:00 PM with two gigs. First The Gin Mill will be host to Zephyr, a three-piece, long standing rock band that will cause, as they always do, really good Rock N Roll music and dance times to happen.

Also at 9:00 PM The Depot will have The Brass Monkeez, a four-piece teenage band playing original and cover tunes with a sixties/seventies rock to pop and blues sound that is great. The Beatles to Zeppelin have influenced their music in a unique way.

This week we will have a five band Sunday. It all kicks off at noon on the front lawn of St John’s Episcopal Church with singer, songwriter Will Lowery doing an acoustic solo gig celebrating one hundred seventy five years of Ellicottville good times.

Next at 3:00 PM Sunday Holiday Valley’s Cabana Bar will have The Bleeding Hearts, a three-piece classic rock band that plays a unique blend of classic rock from the 60’s & 70’s, retro hits from the 80’s, alternative hits from the 90’s to current hits of today.

Then beginning at 7:00 PM Sunday Stinger, one of WNY’S new and most entertaining classic pop/rock bands we have seen around here in several years, will take Holiday Valley’s Out Door Music Stage as the opening act for The Guess Who. Then The Guess Who, the headline band of the weekend, from Winnipeg Manitoba, that has had several hit singles including “American Woman”, “Share The Land” and “These Eyes”, will do a show on The Out Door Music Stage that we believe will be wonderful.

Returning to 8:00 PM Sunday, Two Guys Drinking Beer will have The Gin Mill Crowd really enjoying their music. This, as most of you know, is the acoustic version of the rock band West. Ron and Terry, the two guys, are excellent musicians and create a really neat acoustic music for us all to enjoy.

WOW what a weekend and we still have six band gigs to go. Three of which will happen on Monday. First The Ellicottville Brewing Company at 6:30 PM will host their “Brews and Bluegrass Show” featuring The Blue Mule Band doing their really FUN and excellent version of bluegrass with heart.

Next, The Gin Mill starting around 7:00 PM, besides their “All U Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner” for only $6.99, will have Home Made Jam doing their “Country Oldies Pure & Simple Music Show”. This is another excellent local music show.

Monday becomes complete at 10:00 PM Sharp with Madigans Church on Monday. The Reverend Jack along with The Deacon are now providing a really neat show of original Honky Tonk to Rock-A-Billy tunes done in a unique and FUN way.

Moving on to Wednesday, The Fourth of July, besides my sister Holly’s birthday, Happy Birthday Holly, we will, as always, have Joe Wagner and John Winston doing their acoustic “Folk to Southern Rock Show” at 8:00 PM in The Gin Mill. This excellent gig is further enhanced by The Gin Mill’s great munchies.

Thursday completes this great week of music with two gigs. First at 7:00 PM The Town Park Gazebo will have the second of our Chamber’s Summer Concert Series. This week we get to see Girls Gone Mild featuring Theresa Quinn, Alison Pipitone, Sue Rozler and Mary Ramsey. All four are well known and excellent singers and musicians.

Then at 8:00 PM Thursday The Weekly Notice Band will take the stage in The Gin Mill. This week we will be back to The Far Out Band. That being The Fred And RT Outstanding Band. WOW What a week.

C U Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

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