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Town of Ellicottville Planning Board Meeting

Starlite Village/Glen Burn Trail and Tim Hortons to be Ready by Fall

 The Town of Ellicottville Planning Board meeting held on June 25 was called to order by Sis Signore. Agenda items included the Glen Burn Trail subdivision, Tim Hortons, and Coldspring Construction. Minutes from the February 2012 meeting were presented and approved.

Carl Calarco of CRC Engineering and Land Surveying opened his presentation on the Glen Burn Trail project by stating that the owner, Chris McNalley, has completed his market study and wishes to move forward with Phase 1 and 2. The development, previously named Starlite Village, located at 6430-6422 Route 242 East, adjacent to StrideTool and the Ilex Inn, had an approved master plan development on an approximate 5-acre site within the Town of Ellicottville limits.

McNalley, a HoliMont homeowner, wishes to change the name to Glen Burn Trail and to begin construction on show models with buildings 13, 14 and 15 to be ready by this fall. The model homes will offer versatile options for building size and layout, garage and bedroom layouts, upstairs or downstairs kitchens, decks, landscaping – all of which affect the exterior architectural design – therefore needing a “variable/conditional” approval from the planning board. Building colors and materials have not been chosen yet and architectural plans were not submitted as such. Signage is still in development.

Chairperson Signore commented that “this isn’t anything we’ve done before,” when talking about a giving approval for a project that hasn’t submitted the normal required documents, but is relying on the previously approved master plan. Board members, including Carol Horowitz and Mark Alianello, Calarco and McNally discussed the details for almost an hour and a half before settling on “conditional approval.” The developer will begin construction for Units13, 14, and 15, with four stipulations that must be met, which include: 1) revised architectural drawings complete with color, trim and window details including more aesthetically pleasing window placements on end units, 2) 15-foot setbacks from parent parcel boundaries, 3) 72-foot separation between the fronts of buildings, and 4) approval only applies to Units 13, 14 and 15, and any future building must be presented for approval.

According to Calarco, “Taking over someone else’s development project is a challenge, and we are simply trying to work within the previously established parameters. Certain amendments will have to be made and those revisions will ultimately help the sales of the project. We had to request an amended site plan and determine whether the changes were de minimis or substantial, among other details. ”

The next agenda item was a presentation by Chris Woods for the Tim Hortons project at the current town barns/garage site. Architectural drawings were submitted, which detailed the two-story building. Tim Hortons will occupy approximately 2,000 square feet of a total 3,700 square feet on the first floor. No additional tenants have been named yet. Plans are for six apartments on the second story. Details of the drive-thru lane were discussed, and according to the developer, Ray Moranda, 60-70 percent of Tim Hortons’ business is drive-thru business. A required variance for the front parking setback was discussed. If all the proper requirements are met and approvals are given, Tim Hortons hopes to be open by mid-October. The Department of Transportation, Zoning Board of Appeals and Cattaraugus County Planning Board approvals must be acquired. A public hearing will be scheduled for July 23, 2012, at 6 p.m. and will take place during the regular planning board meeting.

According to Ray Moranda, 60-70% of Tim Hortons’ business is drive-thru business.”

The last item for the board to approve was to schedule a public hearing for Coldspring Construction, which is applying for a renewal of their special use permit for the gravel mine on Canada Hill Road, This hearing will take place at 6:10 p.m. during the July 23 regular planning board meeting.

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