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The Yeast Beast

By Kristina C. Barlow, N.D., C.S.T.

Candida albicans…”The Yeast Beast”

After picking up a booklet at Nature’s Remedy entitled, “Is CANDIDA Sabotaging Your Health?”, I embarked on the 7-step plan to lower the mild yeast (Candida albicans) overgrowth taking a summer vacation in my body. I highly recommend this booklet as our sugar-rich diets, increased use of medications (especially antibiotics), mold and mildew exposure and increased acidity (or low pH) create the perfect environment for yeast overgrowth, possibly leading to a systemic yeast infection.

Has the “Yeast Beast” attacked YOU?  Please come visit Nature’s Remedy and take a Candida questionnaire.

Symptoms of Yeast Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth, whether mild, moderate or severe, is very common in our society contributing to my systemic problems and preventing the body’s ability to heal.

The 7-Steps (Start with 14 days)


1. Eat a diet that starved down the yeast

Eliminate Sugar, All Grains, Dairy and Processed foods

Fruit: only Berries, Lemons, Limes and Grapefruit

Vegetables: no Starchy veggies

So sorry…no Beer, Wine or Sugary Drinks!

2. Balance the pH (increase alkalinity, reduce acidity)


Deal appropriately with Stress

Raw Greens…juicing is great!

3. Use Probiotics

Probiotic 11

4. Take Supplements that systemically “kill” the yeast

Candida Cleanse (Pau d’Arco)

5.  Support the immune system


Improve elimination (2-3 bowel movements/day)

Immunomodulating Herbs

6. Clear out the yeast as it dies off

Enzymes (which are part of the Candida Cleanse)

Silver Shield (the Gel is GREAT for yeast infections on the


7. Repair the “leaky gut”

25 grams of fiber/day (I love the Nature’s Three fiber!)

l-Glutamine repairs the mucosal wall of the intestines

My Testimony

“I have five days left after taking the Candida Cleanse (which is six capsules with three meals and two capsules three times/day on an empty stomach), Probiotic 11, changing my diet and increasing my alkalinity. I have lost 5 pounds, I have better energy, my mood is more stable, the coating on my tongue has diminished, I crave less sugar and carbs and I have better mental function with no anxiety. I feel better overall and much calmer.” -Dr. Kristina

Community Testimony

“The Candida Cleanse, L.Acidophilus and Trigger Immune reset my body…my thoughts are more focused, I have more energy, my skin is more clear, I lost four pounds, I stopped craving carbs and sugar, my gas and bloating are gone, my two month cough with respiratory infections are healed and the white coating on my tongue disappeared. I also began thinking more about my food choices and what I choose to feed my children.” 

-EVL Local Mom

Contact Info: Please call Kristina C. Barlow, N.D. for more information or to make and appointment. 716-353-0786 or Also, Nature’s Remedy…26 Monroe Street, EVL or 716-699-4372. Kristina is a naturopathic doctor and craniosacral therapist practicing in Western NY and the NYC/Tri-State Area, specializing in mental and emotional health, nervous system challenges and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

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