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Village Board Meeting

Nature’s Remedy Signage  •  Trash Talk

By Jennie Acklin 

After she moved her business to 27 Monroe St. this past spring, Nature’s Remedy Owner Gretchen Mendell has noticed that some of her customers are having difficulty locating the store’s new location.

In fact, Mendell said some patrons have even driven all the way to her other store in Allegany, thinking that her Ellicottville business, which was located at the corner of Monroe and Washington streets for 19 years, has closed.

At the invitation of village board member Patra Lowes, Mendell shared her problem with the village board during its meeting Monday night and made several requests that could help customers locate her Ellicottville business. Mendell has spent an undisclosed, but substantial, amount of money purchasing the former Double Diamond building and making extensive renovations, which are not even complete yet.

And now is not the time to be losing customers due to a lack of important directional signs. She requested a temporary sign in the Alley Katz flower barrels at the intersection of Monroe and Washington streets, through the end of the growing season, which was approved by the board.

She also requested permission to keep her sandwich board at the same corner.  Discussion involved required materials, colors, professional look and design, and size and location of the sandwich board. She then sought permission to add a MOVED sign to the bottom of the board, as it could take at least a full season to let all of her customers know where her new location is.

Several board members agreed that she is enduring a business hardship if customers cannot find her, and that they should help her. Mendell’s requests were approved with certain provisions as to size and professional look of her sandwich board.

The board’s attention then moved to Jayne Martin, who requested clarification on where businesses were permitted to stack cardboard trash for pickup by the Village crew. It was decided than until the building construction at Gado Gado and Nature’s Remedy was complete, they could continue placing cardboard across the street for pickup. Once all of the remodeling is finished, businesses will be required to keep the cardboard behind their own buildings.

Harold Morton gave the Department of Public Works report, which included review of several blacktop projects, daily watering of the Alley Katz flowers, a water leak repair on Martha Street, with the assistance of Ken Hinman, and the ongoing issue of water meter replacements. Many village residents are still not complying with the request for access for new water meter installation, with more than 100 remaining.

Last Saturday’s thunderstorm and lightning strike knocked out the backup battery and now a new battery has to be ordered.  A new project at the Village Park was completed on Monday, of a tennis back stop.  Funds for this project were donated by our 700 Club.

Howard Gifford gave the village constable’s report. Police issued 26 vehicle and traffic summonses, 24 warnings and made three non-criminal arrests. Officers also recorded several complaints, including a theft of services of the Wingate’s dumpster, with persons dumping more than 30 bags of trash. Police further issued warning letters were issued for brush piles and seven letters for use of improper garbage bags.

Gifford said, as reported the 6-29-12 Ellicottville Times, that brush and leaves will be collected at curbside from April 1 to Nov. 30 on the first Monday of each month; only one time per month, not multiples times per week. Officers issued five parking tickets and the police department received a total of $445 in parking ticket receipts.

The sewer report included the installation of the new circuit board in the ultraviolet system by Carrier Controls and two new relays installed by the DPW.  Two bids for the garage roof materials were received, and the project was awarded to House of Steel, Springville.Materials were ordered, picked up, and installation started. Ditches were dug for the ultrasonic wiring and creek flow meter by Hinman Contracting. Two ultrasonic meters were installed in lagoon 4.  A test sample was taken to measure the effectiveness of the ultrasonics.

Four building permits were issued in June. BP12-21 was issued to Sprague Development for their project on 11-13 Elizabeth Street. Two permits were issued to John Northrup for townhouse units on Abbey Lane, and a permit was issue to John Lewisky for a deck at 8 HoliHilton.

Mike Smith gave the village engineering report. The sewer pipe relining project on Rockwell Avenue was completed in June, with a total cost of $43,850.

Mike presented the DEC’s creek discharge consent order SPDES application for signatures. The stream meter is the next step in the compliance process, and must be done by the end of September.

The board discussed the water ordinance and received a final draft version, which includes a revised water rate schedule. The topic of stand-by power was discussed at last month’s meeting, and was discussed again this month. A 60 kilowatt natural gas generator estimate was given of $30,000, which included the transfer switch.

Village garbage was the next discussion topic. The Village provides weekly trash removal at the cost of approximately $60,000 per year and collects about 10 percent of that cost through the sale of official garbage bags.

Residents are not complying with the ordinance, as far too many are using their own black or white generic bags. The contract with Modern Trash expired in June and increases are expected. Discussion involved options to offset the costs, and included the possibility of the DPW taking on trash pickup. Mayor Coolidge asked board members to consider all options and prepare for more trash discussions.

Patra Lowes gave the special events report and included applications for the Jazz and Blues Festival, Taste of Ellicottville, Centurion Cycling and Bob McCarthy’s Americana Folk Art Festival.

The next village board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Aug. 13.

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