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Ellicottville Entertainment for July 27 – August 2, 2012

By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens

By Robby & Sherman Wilkens


As July comes to an end, our fourth festival weekend of 2012, “The Ellicottville Jazz & Blues Festival”, organized by our Chamber of Commerce, is beginning. The weather for the weekend looks OK, which will further enhance the FUN created by the outdoor music of this neat event. Starting today Friday July 27, 2012 through Thursday August 2, 2012 we will have seventeen Bands performing eighteen gigs, two DJ’s, a couple of Sound System Music Events plus the weekly food & drink specials that take place in our clubs and restaurants creating a bunch of FUN times here in Ellicottville.

Like we mention every week, the golf in and around Ellicottville is great. The lack of rain hasn’t slowed either Holiday Valley or Elkdale Country Club even a little bit. Call either location make a Tee Time, then get out and enjoy the FUN golf offers.

Before we get to The Jazz & Blues Fest, The PUB in Great Valley will again, be LIVE music free. However, any and all visitors will still be able to enjoy their wonderful, reasonably priced food and beverages plus the local friendly GOOD PUB TIMES.

The Depot will be still be on their summer hours. That being Thursday through Saturday, with their sound system playing The Depot’s FUN in The Sun Favorites, along with serving their super pizza and wing specials. So as Moose always says, “Therefore, if food, liquor, & Laughter are what you are after, The Depot is your place”.

Kabob’s Kafe has reopened in their new location on Washington Street just east of Monroe. Their building has been beautifully refurbished along with a complete bar added to the first floor. They offer both indoor and out door dining making their dining experience wonderful. The new Kabob’s Kafe is a neat addition to the Ellicottville.

This festival weekend begins at 7:00 PM in Balloons with a performance by New Jersey Guitarist/Composer “B.D. Lenz”. From his web site “B.D. Lenz and his quartet lay down a funky, jamming vibe integrating catchy good time groves with moodier blues-inflicted pieces”. Following “B.D. Lenz” “Personable DJ John Barry” will be in Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing his LIVE “Personality Show Off Show”. As always, John will provide a danceable selection of tunes and good Party-Time FUN till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Friday,Road To Recovery” will be again doing a gig in The Gin Mill. . Katie and John, who are “The Road To Recovery”, do a show that includes tunes from Miranda Lambert to Adele along with several True Blues Standards, which they do in True Blues Style. The Gin Mill will be Bluzin this weekend.

Friday’s music rounds out at 9:30 PM in The Ellicottville Brewing Company with “The Jony James Blues Band”. Jony and his band are veteran Buffalo Blues Musicians. As their website says, “Jony’s music is overflowing with soul that drips down from his hands onto his guitar”. The EBC Crowd is in for a FUN Friday Blues Night.

Moving to Saturday, day number two of The Jazz & Blues Fest weekend, we will have seven bands playing. It all begins at 1:00 PM Saturday in two locations. First The Monroe Street Stage will have “Mark Mazur” and “The Little Big Band” featuring vocalist “Lisa Christie”. From this neat band’s bio, you will hear a bluzie jazz mix that will have the audience swaying to the beat.

Also at 1:00 PM Saturday “The John Troy Jazz Quartet will do a gig in The Ellicottville Brewing Company. This excellent jazz quartet”, is a young group that performed here several times last year, playing a neat version of standard to classic jazz.

Then at 6:00 PM Saturday, Kenny and Wade Hawkins, Rodney Appleby and Flute, “The All Star Band”, will do their super show in Balloons. World Class, Expert & Soulful Funk Masters, playing a Jazz to Bluesy mix, along with a true Rhythm & Blues sound, all of which will be a fit for The Jazz & Blues Festival in Balloons. Following “The All Star Band”, “DJ Chatty Frank Watson”, who also is “The Party Monster”, has escaped from “The Disoriented DJ Home”. He will be in Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing his usual all ages’ friendly & FUN show that will feature neat tunes. Returning to 7:00 PM Saturday “The EZ3” will be doing their “Smooth Oldies & Cocktail Cozies” music show on the out side deck of The Silver Fox Steak House. Liz, Lil Jack and Art, who are “The EZ3”, will create an excellent jazzy music show.

Then at 8:00 PM Saturday “The Untouchables” will have Madigans Up-Stairs Party & Patio Bar Patrons bopin & weavin to their original “Blues Brothers” sounding blues show. This really FUN band puts on a crowd friendly show that will be a real hit.

Saturday’s music becomes complete at 9:00 PM with two bands. First The Gin Mill will have “The Easy Street Sliders” in house. This Delta to Chicago Blues Band performed here for Blues Fest last January. The show they put on gives true meaning to our Jazz & Blues Fest. Therefore, The Gin Mill will be the place to be this Saturday for another wonderful Chicago/Delta Blues Show.

Also at 9:00 PM Saturday another veteran blues band, “MoJo Hand” will be performing in The Ellicottville Brewing Company. According to their website and what we have seen before, “MoJo Hand” does an “In Yer Face, House Rockin’, Bum Kickin, Electric Blues” show. This talented WNY veteran blues band has been playing traditional R&B, blues, soul and funky stuff since 1989. “They are five cats having a good ol’ time playing great tunes with soul”. The EBC is in for FUN Blues Night this Saturday.

Sunday this week will not be quiet. The music starts at 1:00 PM on The Monroe Street Stage with “The Jim Tudini Band”. Like last year, the icon of alto sax players, Bobby Militello will be part of this big band group. As their billing says, “The Jim Tudini Band has a Big Band Sound with a Contemporary Feel plus an Orchestral Dimension”.

Also at 1:00 PM “The John Troy Quartet’ will return to The Ellicottville Brewing Company. Like yesterday, they will perform their version of standard to classic Jazz.

The final gig of this wonderful Blues & Jazz Fest Weekend will begin at 3:00 PM in Balloons with “The Chris O’Leary Band”. This very hi-energy seven-piece tight knit blues band from the Albany area has played in several Blues Festivals across New York and New Jersey so far this year. This will be another really neat Balloons Blues Gig.

WOW what a weekend and we still have five band gigs to go. Two of which will happen on Monday. First The Ellicottville Brewing Company at 6:30 PM will host their “Brews and Bluegrass Show” featuring The Blue Mule Band doing their really FUN and excellent version of bluegrass with heart.

Next, The Gin Mill starting around 7:00 PM, besides their “All U Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner” for only $6.99, will have “Country Connor” playing his “Country Classics” through The Gin Mills Super Sound System.

Monday becomes complete at 10:00 PM Sharp with Madigans Church on Monday. The Reverend Jack and Deacon Dan will again put on their unique show of original Rock-A-Billy & Honky Tonk tunes done their own FUN & crowd friendly way.

Moving on to Wednesday at 8:00 PM, The Gin Mill Tradition of “Joe Wagner and John Winston” doing their acoustic “Folk to Southern Rock Music Show” will begin. This great music show is further enhanced by The Gin Mill’s great munchies served at very reasonable prices all evening long.

Thursday completes this great week of music with two gigs. First at 7:00 PM The Town Park Gazebo will have the sixth of our Chamber’s Summer Concert Series. This week we get to seeThe Visitors” which is Maria Sebastian’s American Pop-Rock Band. Like has happened all summer, this will be another super outdoor music experience

Then at 8:00 PM Thursday “The Weekly Notice Band” will take the stage in The Gin Mill. This week will again be “The Far Out Band”. That being The Fred And RT Outstanding Band. WOW what a week.

C U Round The Music Scene Good Stuff No Worries

By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens

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