Thursday , June 20 2019
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Tim Horton’s Public Hearing Held By Ellicottville Planning Board

By Jennie Acklin

The Town Planning Board held a public hearing Monday evening at 6:00pm for Tim Hortons and for Cold Spring Construction.  Ray Miranda, Developer of the site located at the intersection of Rte 219 and 242, presented the revised site plan, reviewing the details of parking, landscaping, curbing, an atm, and drive-thru traffic plans.  Board members questioned Miranda about several items, specifically the DOT right of way and how curbs, landscaping and grass would be handled, and tractor trailer access to the building. Public comments were made by John Cady and Inigo de Or be, who both had concerns about tractor trailer parking on either side of Rte 219.  de Orbe, owner of Aardvark Furnishings, did not want trucks blocking access or visibility to his business, and questioned how this would be addressed.  According to Sig Signore, once the final application package is received by the planning board, they will have 62 days to make a decision.  She mentioned that the issues brought up during the public hearing would be part of their decision making process.

Don Telecky from Cold Spring Construction was present at the public hearing.  There were no public comments received regarding the renewal of a special use permit for the Canada Hill gravel mine.

After both pubic hearings were closed, the board discussed details of each project. As previously discussed during Ellicottville Town board meetings, Miranda Development, dba Tim Hortons is requesting two variances (public hearing aug 2? get details from previous mtg notes)

Carol Horowitz reviewed the details of the Canada Hill gravel mine application.  This is a renewal of a special use permit for an existing gravel mine on Canada Hill Road, previously applied for in 2009.  The original approval was subject to eleven conditions, and Horowitz’s recommendation to the board was to include most of those original conditions, with a slight revisions.  Condition one states that “All mining operations hall be in conformance with the application approved on May 18, 2009.  Any change in the area to be mined or any other change in mining operations shall require application to the Planning Board for an amendment to this special use permit.”  And condition 11 revises former conditions 7 and 9: “this special use permit shall run for a term that coincides with the mined land permit issued by NYSDEC, as may be renewed from time to time.  If and when the NYSDEC permit expires, this special use permit shall expire.”

The last agenda item was an application and presentation from Glen Burn Subdivision for a “developer offering sign”.  Carl Calarco made the presentation to the board, and discussion detailed how many colors were permissible under the zoning ordinance.  All board members agreed that their sign was tastefully done, and was approved.  During the discussion, the board members acknowledged Rick and Glenda Jackson, owners of the adjacent Ilex Inn, who attended the meeting to “protect their business interests”, and to make sure that their guests would not be affected by construction activities, especially during evening and weekend hours, and to make sure that the property would be maintained, particularly that the grass be cut.  Calarco assured the board, and the Jacksons that the property owners were aware of the need to be “good neighbors”, and that they had intact had a meeting on Friday discussing just that.

The meeting was closed after the June minutes were reviewed.

The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for Monday August 27 at 6:00pm.

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