Thursday , June 27 2019
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Letter to the Editor

Thank You for Suggesting Trail Concept

I read the article in the Ellicottville Times about the recreational trail concept and I absolutely love the idea. I love riding my bike and the idea of having a “safe” trail to go to is wonderful. I use the bike path on Route 219 (I live in Great Valley) and I find it is a very nice path, but upon entering the Village of Ellicottville it stops, which means we have to ride the road.  We find it to be very dangerous, as a lot of the cars do NOT allow us our three feet that we are entitled to.

So, yes, Ken Hinman, thanks to you for suggesting this idea at the Ellicottville Town Board meeting. I noticed the article also went on to read “with Ellicottville’s strong focus on fitness and healthy living,” which brought to my mind  this question, “How about a brand new BIG fitness center?” Perhaps where the old Signore building once stood would be an ideal location. A pool, sauna, classes, inside walk or run track … how does that sound?

Gail (Reed) Archer

Great Valley, N.Y.

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