Thursday , June 20 2019
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WNYMBA Spearheads Mountain Bike Trail Building in Allegany State Park

Love riding the area’s network of mountain bike trails? Then thank the Western New York Mountain Biking Association (WNYMBA) for its contribution toward building almost 40 miles of trails in the Ellicottville area, not to mention many more in other areas of Western New York like Golden Hill, Sprague Brook Park and Hunters Creek Park, and soon in Allegany State Park.

WNYMBA, founded in 1992, has continuously worked with landowners, volunteers and experts to build safe mountain biking trails and advocate for mountain biking education. The club’s members have volunteered countless hours to build and maintain these trails, open to the public for multi-recreational use. WNYMBA is affiliated with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), which shares a similar mission.

Since 2007, WNYMBA has provided input for Allegany State Park’s Master Plan and has advocated for the building of new mountain bike trails in the park, which will begin in 2013. With these new park trails, combined with an existing network of appealing mountain biking trails, Cattaraugus County and the Ellicottville area hold the potential of becoming major players in the regional mountain biking arena.

Find more information about WNYMBA at and IMBA at

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