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Ellicottville Central School District 2012/13 Bus Routes

Bus #103 – Beeles Road, Bear Hollow Road, Snowbrook Road, Bear Hollow Road, Humphrey Road/Peth (Intersection), Barker Run, Peth Road, Fairview Lane,

Peth Road, Courtney Highlands, Rt. 219 North, Creek View Estates.

Bus #104 – Sommerville Valley, Bryant Hill, Crane Road, Dooley Road, Simmons Road, Smith Road, Sommerville Valley Road, Washington @ Elizabeth, Corner Washington & Adams, Van Buren Drive, Rt. Elizabeth Street,W. Washington, Greer Hill, Holiday Valley Road.

Bus #105 – Sugartown Road, Bonne Way, McGuan Road, Sugartown Road, Clair Valley, Sugartown Road, Rt. 98, Davies Road, Howe Hill Road, Rt. 98, Martin Road, Brewer Crossroad.

Bus #106 – Bailey Hill, Crumb Hill, Plato Road, Hinman Hollow, Erdman Hill, Kent

Road, Hinman Hollow, Lindberg Road, Poverty Hill, Maples Road, Northwood Drive, Pine Tree Road, Mechanic Street, Washington Street, Route 219.

Bus #107 – 219 North, Kuhn Road, Irish Hill, 242 South, 219 South, 219 North, Cotter Road, Beaver Meadows Road, Kuhn Road, Irish Hill Road, Horn Hill Road, Quackenbush Road, Rt. 242, East Washington Street, Mill Street, Farm to Market Road.

Bus #108 – Rt. 219, Hungry Hollow Road, North Whalen Road, Porter Hollow Road, Klawitter Road, Mutton Hollow Road, Grace Ave. to Depot Street, Burleson Road, Route 219.

Bus #109 – Humphrey Road, Pumpkin/Fay Hollow Road, Humphrey Road, Raecher Road, Flint Road, Raecher Road, Humphrey Road, 219 North, Green Valley Estates, Rt. 98, Andera Lane.

Bus #110 – Humphrey Center, Bozard Hill, Humphrey Center, Humphrey Road, Howe Hill Road, Humphrey Road, Rt. 219

Bus #111 – Bibbs Road, Dublin Road, Watson Road, Hollister Hill Road, Maples Road, Cross Road, Maples Road, Hencoop Road, Plum Creek Road, Route 242, Madison Street.

First Day of School September 5

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