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Floodplain Remapping, Upcoming Events and Trash Compliance on Village Board Docket

by Jennie Acklin

Mayor Charlie Coolidge called the meeting to order on Aug. 13, 2012, at 6 p.m.

Harold Morton started the meeting with his Department of Public Works Report. As mentioned last month, the tennis backstop at village park was completed with funds donated by the 700 Club, one of Ken Brown’s wishes for the project. Morton said public reminders for brush pickups seem to be working. (Brush and leaves will be collected at curbside from April 1 to Nov. 30 on the first Monday of each month – only one time per month, not multiple times per week.) Additional items included sidewalk replacement on Elizabeth and West Washington streets, ongoing water meter replacements, and grass replacement on the corner of Monroe Street next to Earth Arts.

Morton also talked about the water plant alarms and the “ghost calls” received during a power failure or lightning strike, requiring someone from the DPW to inspect the occurrence, frequently in the middle of the night. A motion was made to purchase Aqua Logics software, which allows remote access checks of the system. Installation costs $2,700 plus $12 per month for the village and town, each.

Howard Gifford presented the Village Constable’s Report. Eleven vehicle and traffic summonses and eight warnings were issued. One aggravated harassment criminal arrest, one open container arrest and two disorderly conduct arrests (resulting from a large fight at Balloon’s) were made. Thirteen parking tickets were issued in July for a total of $350. Recent purchased, upgraded radios (four portable, one mobile) are awaiting programming.

As required under the DEC’s creek discharge consent order, a stream flow meter must be purchased and installed by the end of September 2012. The cost of the meter is $5,715.86 and will be paid through the sewer budget. A motion to approve the purchase was made.

It came as no surprise that a lot of building permits have been issued recently. As shown in Tom Abriatis’ Building Inspector’s Report, 15 new permits were issued since June 13, 2012.

The Engineer’s Report centered on the floodplain remapping project. Mike Smith stated that over 64 families will be affected by the re-evaluation of the floodplain, with potential reduction or elimination of significant flood insurance cost. The existing FEMA mapping was done with 20-foot contour technology, and the new work will be done at 1-foot contours, with greater accuracy expected.

Sprague Development and Ellicott Development, major developers within the village, have consented share the cost of the project with the Village and Town of Ellicottville. The engineering/survey proposed cost is $27,675, plus a $5,400 application fee to FEMA. The group will save over $16,000 by working together on this project. The village has been requesting a remapping project for 6-7 years, and is happy to see this move forward. A motion was made to participate with the three other parties in the floodplain remapping.

The village garbage contract with Modern Trash will expire in June 2013. Mayor Coolidge and other board members have worked hard to control costs, achieve residential compliance and obtain other options for trash removal. Too many residents are not purchasing the proper village trash bags, resulting in only about 10 percent of the $60,000 annual trash removal contract being covered, leaving the village “holding the bag” for the rest of the cost. A motion was made to put a new garbage contract to bid.

Patra Lowes gave the Special Events Report, including details of the Centurion Cycling event. She said Doug Bush has been instrumental in coordinating details between the Centurion organization and the village. She said as of tonight, fewer than anticipated participants had signed up for the event, but registration doesn’t close until Aug. 15. She also mentioned Bob McCarthy’s upcoming Americana Folk Art Festival was approved. A Special Events Committee meeting is scheduled for Aug. 20 to discuss September’s Rock N’ Roll Weekend and October’s Fall Festival.

The next meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board is Sept. 10, 2012, at 6 p.m.

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