Sunday , June 16 2019
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Competitive Skiing Approved for WNY Section Six Schools ECS Pursuing a Team – Coach to be Named

by Jennie Acklin

In an interview with ECS Athletic Director Karl Schwartz on Monday afternoon, he talked about the recent announcement of the Section 6 approval of a competitive skiing program for all WNY schools. “I am delighted that this is happening under my watch,” said Schwartz.

Ellicottville Central School is pursuing the necessary steps in putting together a team.  Miguel Azcarate, racing coach for Holiday Valley, has been working diligently for several years to bring racing to the school level.  Although no coach for the school team has been named as yet, it is an exciting accomplishment for everyone involved.

Finally students can receive the recognition they deserve from the school and their community for all of their hard work on the slopes. And the possibility of athletic scholarships is an important part of this program. All other school sections in New York have a school level race team, and now WNY can finally join the list.

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