Thursday , June 20 2019
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Letters to the Editor

Thank You Centurions!

It is exciting to see Ellicottville “leading the pack” of community events. Offering new opportunities for others to discover our Village and Town, For locals to come together and take pride in their hometown and surrounding areas.

Many of the people here this past weekend were first timers. They were impressed by how the event was organized, what our area has to offer, and how incredibly accommodating our Village and Town can be. The Centurion staff and volunteers greeted them with big smiles, open hearts and positive attitudes.

The comments from our visitors were amazing! They will return, not only for future races but to explore our area, visit and support our local businesses, bring their friends and families. All of which is great for Ellicottville›s «Big Picture,» the growth, and quality of life in the place we call “home.”

The Centurion event provided local organizations the opportunity to raise funds thru volunteer participation. Those that helped out had a blast and are making plans for next time. All of this supports our small community of «full timers.»

What a wonderful weekend, hats off to all! The Centurion staff, the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce, Doug Bush and his local committees. All the law enforcement, EMS, DPW agencies. The volunteers, race participants, spectators and helpful locals.

If Ellicottville is fortunate enough to host this event again next year, embrace it! Be part of the big picture, in living color. Participate, volunteer, and welcome our visitors. They may end up becoming a good customer, a new neighbor, a great friend!

Patra Lowes

Love Livin’ & Workin’ in EVL


Thank You Volunteers!

A very BIG thank you to hundreds of volunteers who helped make the first annual Centurion Ellicottville bike race a huge success. Your hard work and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed by all those involved.

The Centurion staff, spectators, and cyclists all commented on how organized, efficient, informative, and dedicated each one of you was the days of the event. You all embody what makes Ellicottville such a special place and it is without a doubt that many of the people who visited Ellicottville this past weekend will be back because of each one of you.

A special thank you goes out to: John Busekist and Future Farmers of America, Todd Palmatier and Ellicottville Sports Booster, Tony Schabloski and The ECOS Club, Karen Duguay and 700 Club, Mary Fox and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Michelle Steinbroner and Ellicottville Parent Organization, Mark Heichberger, Eric Holler, and Springville Griffith Institute Soccer and Track Teams, Salamanca Sports Teams, Anneen Barrera and Nicaraguan Schools, Chuck Richardson and The Phoenix Adaptive Ski Program, and Laura Flanagan and The Ellicottville Memorial Library.


Jean Nagurney & Mila Clauss

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