Wednesday , June 26 2019
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ECS Lady Eagles Lose to the Lumberjacks

by Julia Schwartz, ECS 

Student Correspondent

The Lady Eagles soccer team played hard against the North Tonawanda Class A school on Monday night, but he varsity Lady Eagles soccer team lost to the Lumberjacks 1-0 and the junior varsity lost 2-0.

“Mind over matter is the key in the hard-fought games,” said Varsity Coach Mary Neilon. “If mistakes are made, we need to pick up our heads and keep on going.”

Although the opposing team scored, ECS tried their best to keep on going to get it back. They didn’t, but they worked hard. The varsity team always starts off with their team cheer, “United!” And that’s how they played – as one unit working together against this tough team.

The varsity team had prevented the Lumberjacks from scoring the whole first half and some of the second with the help of their goalkeeper Liz Wendel.

“All that matters is that we try our best and give it all we got,” said the much-appreciated goalkeeper.

Ellicottville is rated a Class D school, which means they have a lower number of kids in the school. North Tonawanda is rated a Class A school, which means they are a bigger school with more students. Generally, larger schools are tougher to beat. They both had the honor of playing each other and maybe even realized that they each had misconceived notions about the other.

“We played tough against a bigger school,” said Junior Varsity Coach Katie Taylor. “We just need to score our first goal.”

The Lumberjacks scored early in the first half and again later on in the game, but the Lady Eagles did not lose hope. The team thanked the chatty JV goalkeeper, Becca Hagon, for never giving up and keeping her head held high.

If you want to see some of this action, visit the school website at and go to the athletic section to see all of the fall sports schedules.

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