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Ellicottville Village Board Hears Garbage Concerns Public Hearing Set for Village Garbage Contract Recreational Trail Motion Passes to Appoint Town as Lead Agency

By Jennie Acklin

The regular meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board was held on Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. Mayor Charles Coolidge opened the meeting, entertaining comments from the floor pertaining to a new garbage contract. Concerns were raised as to whether businesses might potentially be assessed for trash pickup as part of their sewer bill or if it is a (potential) residential fee only.

“We don’t know prices yet and who might be charged what amount,” said Coolidge.

The new garbage bids were due to be opened last week, but the Village was notified at the last minute that the Department of Labor form must be included in the bid packet, which it was not, so new bid packets were sent out to all interested parties. New bids are expected to be received and opened Sept. 17. Village Board members will review all bid details and discuss the results at the October board meeting. Board members discussed the length of contract (one, two or three years) and potential savings with a shorter contract.

DPW Report

A list of projects was reviewed detailing new sidewalk installation on Elizabeth and East Washington streets, fence repair behind Tops Market, street striping on Jefferson Street and several street repair projects. Seven large trees were cut down and removed last week around the village. Over the weekend, the stormy weather brought down several large limbs from the tree in the front yard of the Village Town Hall, nearly hitting the gazebo. It was suggested that although the tree is estimated to be over 100 years old and is magnificent, it is rotten inside and must be cut down. The safety of people on the lawn and entering the Town Hall building and gazebo is the primary concern, and all board members were in agreement.

Sewer Report

Installation of the creek flow meter was the primary activity. The wire and conduit were run and buried, and the installation process was reviewed with Nussbaumer & Clarke Engineering.

Constable’s Report

Howard Gifford reviewed the Constable’s Report. Three vehicle and traffic summonses were issued, plus five warnings. Traffic control assistance was also provided during the DPW’s sidewalk replacement project, and during the removal of the seven large trees. A total of eight residence checks were done during August. Three open-container warnings were issued and several residents received warnings for improper brush piles. Three major events were held in Ellicottville during August (Jazz & Blues Fest, Taste of Ellicottville and Centurion Cycling) and the Gifford was involved with providing safety and security for all events. Only two parking tickets were issued, with $165 in receipts.

Building Inspector’s Report

Five permits were issued during August, including the demolition permit from Peter Kreinheder for EBC (demolition photo below). A permit for renovation to Tops Market entrance was received and the project is well underway. Ellicott Development applied for a renovation permit for 3 Mill St.

Engineer’s Report

Town Engineer Mike Smith reviewed the stream gauge installation status. As part of the DEC’s creek discharge consent order, a stream flow meter must be purchased and installed by the end of September 2012. A letter from the Empire State Development Office was presented, which identified Ellicottville’s East Water Tank project’s consolidated funding application as being selected by the Western New York Regional Council as a “Recommended Priority Project.” The next step in the funding process is to wait and see if WNY is selected out of all the state’s regions. This announcement is anticipated before early November.

Special Events Report

Patra Lowes reminded the board that a Special Events committee meeting will be held Sept. 17 at 8 a.m. to review Fall Fest details, including the location of emergency medical services during the festival weekend.

Local Law 3 – Water Regulations was mentioned and a motion to schedule a public hearing for Oct. 15 was made and passed.

Local Law 4 – Best Value Standard in Purchasing Contracts was also mentioned and a motion to schedule a public hearing for Oct. 15 was made and passed.

New Business

Mayor Coolidge discussed the possibility of a recreational trail in the Village and Town of Ellicottville.

Ellicottville Town Board Member Ken Hinman has formed a committee of local leaders who have been working on the construction of a recreational trail in the Ellicottville and Great Valley areas. A recreational trail would benefit our resort community residents and our welcome tourists, who are looking for an intermediate sports outlet for jogging, biking, rollerblading, snowshoeing and other four-season activities along a safe, traffic-free trail. No route has been determined to date.

A motion to designate the town as the lead agency, specifically to facilitate grant writing, was requested and was passed without question.

Correspondence and minutes from last month’s meeting were read and accepted, and the Treasurer’s Report and Audit of Claims was given before adjourning the meeting. The next meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board will be Oct. 15, 2012, at 6 p.m.

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