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Bow Hunting Begins Oct. 1

by Mary Fox

Bow hunting season begins Monday, Oct. 1 for archery enthusiasts in southwestern New York State. Deer and black bear may be taken by bow and arrow in this region from Oct. 1–Nov. 16, and turkey from Oct. 20–Nov. 16.

“Bow hunting continues to grow in popularity in New York, as evidenced by the estimated 215,000 licensed bow hunters in the state,” reported Steve Piatt, editor of the New York Outdoor News, on the publication’s website at “Hunters might notice a difference this fall in the woods because we had such a mild winter. There should be a lot of fawns and a lot of small bucks and young does.”

Bow hunting is very challenging. In order to get a bow hunting license, a hunter must take classes to obtain a Bow Hunter Education Certificate from the state.

Most bow hunters use a tree stand to help avoid the animal smelling them when it comes within range. Bow and arrow range is 30 yards as compared to 250-300 yards for a muzzleloader or rifle.

It may be good weather to be out in the woods, but with leaves still on the trees, visibility is obstructed.

A greater concern, however, is the way the deer is handled when killed. Warm weather means the deer must be processed or kept refrigerated as soon as possible to avoid spoilage of the meat. In cold weather, the deer can be hung outside for several days, which some hunters believe will make the meat tenderer. Then there are those who think it doesn’t make any difference.

Regular deer, black bear and turkey hunting season for bow, shotgun and muzzleloader begins Saturday, Nov. 17 and runs through Dec. 9., with a late season running from Dec. 10-18.

It’s time for drivers to beware of excited animals crossing highways ahead of them. As deer usually travel in groups, a good rule of thumb is to slow down when you see a deer crossing the highway ahead of you and look for the next one.

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