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Ellicottville Entertainment October 5-11

By: Robby & Sherman Wilkens

Fall Fest Weekend and our weather may have a taste of fall in the air. Like most years, this festival has so many events happening that this article will be more of a list of who and where the music and other FUN stuff will take place.

Starting today Friday October 7, 2011 through Thursday October 13, 2011 we will have twentynine Band Performances, eleven DJ gigs, an Ellicottville Idol Show plus all the food and other stuff venders that are here for this really FUN weekend. Our regular restaurants and clubs will also be going strong and serving up all the wonderful food and beverages that make this village such a neat place to visit and an even better place to live.

The band gigs for Fall Fest actually began yesterday in Balloons with “Mo Porter” doing their excellent classic rock show. We missed this really fine show in last week’s paper. We humbly apologize to Chuck, Mark, Robby and Doug for our mistake.

Friday kicks off as a five band and three DJ evening. The DJ Shows begin at 4:00 PM in Balloons with “DJ Flakey Frank” doing his really FUN gig from Balloons Sound & Light Booth till close. Then at 7:00 PM “The Porcelain Bus Drivers” will be on Balloons Rocktoberfest Stage located in the tent behind Balloons playing their mix of classic to modern rock, disco to hip/hop along with hits from the eighties and nineties. After The Porcelain Bus Drivers”, “DJ John Barry” will complete the evening with his LIVE Personality Show-Off Show from the Sound Booth of The Rocktoberfest Stage.

Also at 7:00 PM Friday Ellicottville Brewing Company will host “Smack-dab”, a modern soul/funk band that plays the rhythms of old school R&B, soul, blues and funk. Following “Smack-dab”, at 10:00 PM “Mosaic Foundation” will take the stage playing what they call Rochester Roots Reggae music for the soul. Both of these gigs will take place behind The EBC in their covered Music Stage.

Then at 9:00 PM Friday we will have two bands and a DJ. First Madigans Up-Stairs Party Bar will be ROCKIN to the tunes played by “Chance The DJ”, who will be on duty in Madigans Up Stairs Party Bar Sound Booth. 

Also at 9:00 PM Friday, the four-piece “Joe Wagner Band” will have The Gin Mill Party & Music Crowd enjoying their rendition of great southern to classic rock.

For the third 9:00 Friday gig, we move a bit south to The Depot where “Stevie Fleck & The Nickel City Band” will be doing music similar to “The Brass Monkeez”

Now we move to Saturday, a fourteen-band day that will begin at noon on The Top Of Holiday Valley’s Mardi Gras Run with “The Tommy Z Band” doing their wonderful Jazzy, Bluzey show. Then at 3:30 PM “The Strangers” another of our favorite classic rock bands will be set up in Holiday Valley’s Outdoor Cabana Bar.

Back in the village, also at noon, Balloons Rocktoberfest will be ROCKIN. First to take the stage at noon will be “Tim Britt & Friends doing their fresh and unique twist on many favorites. They will be followed at 1:30 PM by “Black Widow”. The lead vocalist Lana is the best. Then taking the stage at 5:00 PM will be the return of “Mo Porter” doing their second classic rock gig of the festival. Then at 6:45 PM “Steel Keys and Brass” will be performing their original rock tunes along with their stylized covers. “The Michael Bly Band” is next at 8:30 PM doing their version of Party Pop Rock. The Final Saturday Rocktoberfest gig will be “Stinger”. Here you will see and hear an excellent version of rock classic hits done in a very unique style. In and around all of these wonderful Rocktoberfest Acts till 4:00 PM will be “Personable DJ John Barry doing his LIVE Personality Show-Off Show”. Then at 4:00 PM, or between “Black Widow and “Mo Porter”, “DJ Ace” will take over with his interesting music show till close. Returning to noon Saturday, “DJ Chatty Frank, The Party Monster” will be in Balloons In-Door Sound & Light Booth creating a wonderful party time till 4:00 PM when “Personable DJ John Barry” moves indoors from Rocktoberfest to do his LIVE Show from Balloons Sound & Light Booth till 6:00 PM. Then “DJ Frank The Party Monster” returns with his unique show till close.

Backing up to 2:00 PM Saturday, The Ellicottville Brewing Company’s Out-Door Music Stage will host a four band afternoon and evening. The first show will be “Beatle Magic”. As the name implies, this is a Beatles cover band that will bring the sixties back to life. Then at 5:30 PM “Big Leg Emma” an Americana roots folksy, bluegrass, rock and jam band from Jamestown NY will be ROCKIN the house. Next at 8:30 PM “Hit and Run” will take the stage, doing their excellent version of classic rock, oldies to newer alternative with a touch of country, blues and disco thrown in the mix. EBC’s final Saturday gig begins at 11:30 PM with the return of “Smack-dab” doing another version of the soul, funk to blues show that they did Friday on The EBC Stage.  

Then at 7:00 PM “Chance The DJ” will be back in The Sound Booth of Madigans Up-Stairs Party Bar playing his selection of tunes the that will have Madigans Party Patrons Really Rockin.

Moving to 9:00 PM Saturday, Ellicottville’s favorite Party Rock Band, “The Party Squad” will take the stage in Ellicottville’s Depot. Great music & FUN will then happen.

Sunday’s FUN continues with eight bands and The Ellicottville Idol Competition Show, which will be held at The Park Gazebo. The registration for The Idol begins at 10:00 AM Sunday with various aspects of the show running till 4:00 PM.

Sunday’s music kicks off at noon, again at the top of Holiday Valley’s Mardi Gras Run and the return of “The Party Squad” for their second gig of the festival. Great Party Rock Music with a wonderful view will be the highlights of this FUN gig. 

Then at 3:30 PM Holiday Valley’s Cabana Bar will have “The Bleeding Hearts” doing a unique blend of rock hits from the sixties to the nineties on their outdoor stage.

Returning to 1:00 PM Sunday, Balloons will have “The Strangers” doing their wonderful classic rock show. FUN cover tunes from as far back as the forties through the eighties, done in true “Strangers Style”, is what we will hear inside Balloons this Sunday.

Also at 1:00 PM Sunday Balloons Rocktoberfest will host two more gigs. First “Yellow Dubmarine” will be doing their unique reggae rendition of classic Beatles songs. “Yellow Dubmarine” will be alternating sets with “The Logo City Band” which is a folk to blues group from Buffalo that has been a part of The Blue Herron Festival. Adding to this great two-band gig will be “DJ Cutler” spinning his vinyl music till close. Thanks Balloons for another wonderful Rocktoberfest. 

Backing up to 7:00 PM Sunday, Madigans Up-Stairs Party Bar will have “The Mick Hayes Band” doing another wonderful and soulful, Blues ROCKN show. Following “Mick Hayes”, “Chance The DJ”, will take over from Madigans Sound Booth in The Up-Stairs Party Bar till close.

Then at 8:00 PM “Two Guys Drinking Beer” will be at home in The Gin Mill doing what they do so well. Which is creating a FUN Acoustic Gin Mill Music Show.

Moving to 8:30 PM Sunday “The High Horse Band” will be in The Ellicottville Brewing Company. Like most of the bands that played in EBC this weekend, this is a classic rock, pop, r&b/motown, funk to jazz band. Thanks EBC for a FUN weekend.

Moving to Monday The Gin Mill will be music free. However, “Connor The Crash Dummy” will be on bar duty and playing his neat version of classic country tunes through the sound system for everyone to enjoy.
Madigans “Church on Monday” beginning at 10:00PM sharp is next. Deacon Dan accompanied by Reverend Jack will be ROCKIN their loyal fans with a Monday night of original Honky Tonk to Rock-A-Billy tunes done in their FUN, and unique way.
Moving to 8:00 PM Wednesday, The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner, Freddie and Retro Lil Joey doing their neat, traditional folk to southern rock acoustic music show. This Gin Mill Tradition is the best.  Our weeks music becomes complete at 8:00 PM Thursday with “Freddie & Friends” ROCKIN The Gin Mill. Again, this gig will feature an excellent country to southern rock sound. So, we end the week with another great Gin Mill Night of Music.

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