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Checking Out The Tunes & Other Stuff in Ellicottville October 19-25, 2012

As we enter the last half of October and get closer to Halloween. The leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter, yet all is OK. While we don’t have any really scary places, other than maybe the Nightmare Hayride which is, very much, all ages friendly. Therefore, Ellicottville is, and will be, a safe place for kids and grownups alike to visit and have FUN the remainder of October and beyond.

As long as the weather cooperates lets get out and enjoy what is left of summer with a round of golf or a bike ride. For golf, just call either Holiday Valley or Elkdale Country Club make a Tee time. Then get out and enjoy the great golf that is available here at least seven months a year.  For a bike ride, pick up a trail map in any of our local outdoor stores. With all the beautiful scenery in our neighborhood it should be easy to plan an enjoyable ride.

Adding to the FUN this coming week, which begins today, Friday October 19, 2012, my lovely wife’s Birthday, Happy Birthday Robby, through Thursday October 25, 2012 we will have seven Bands, three DJ’s, one complete with a Karaoke Show, several “All Week Sound System Music Happenings” plus all the really great food and drink specials that take place in our wonderful clubs and restaurants making Ellicottville the really neat place that it is, for our residents and visitors alike.

Before we get started on the music and like we do most weeks. Here are a few ideas on where you may find some good times that are live band free. First, The Depot will be open Friday through Sunday with their pizza and wing specials available. As we approach Halloween, The Depot, will also offer a way to avoid and experience Doom & Gloom, which is the theme of the new Rolling Stones single.

Just to the east of our village we have The Birdwalk Restaurant & Antique Shop. Here you will find great gourmet pizza specials along with a fine dinning menu that will have you returning for sure.

Tips Up Cafe is a wonderful restaurant located on Washington Street. Beside an excellent and well prepared fine dinning menu you will get to experience, what we call, Ellicottville’s local home town service with a Tips Up Cafe Smile. 

Then on Monroe Street, The Barn Restaurant, another local and family friendly place, offers great food, especially the Friday Fish Fry, and drink specials along with all ages friendly service. All of this creates an atmosphere that is a FUN Barn Experience.

Kabob’s Kafe will be music free this week. However, you may stop in Kabob’s most any time to enjoy their neat ambiance, a cocktail and a great Kabob’s Kafe Lunch or Dinner.

Our music parade kicks of at 7:00 PM Friday in Balloons with the return of “The Black Widow Band”. “Black Widow”, who was here for Fall Fest with Lana on lead vocals, offers one of the most diversified, interesting and totally FUN song lists you will ever see or hear. This wonderful band does everything from classic rock to country and oldies to alternative or contemporary rock. Still our favorite is Lana’s version of Steve Perry & Journey. This gig is done in a style that will create a FUN time for The Balloons Crowd. Following “Black Widow”, “Personable DJ John Barry” will take over the party from Balloons Sound & Light Booth doing what he does so well. That being, his really FUN, LIVE Personality Show Off Show, which includes a neat danceable selection of FUN tunes and good Party-Time chitter/chatter till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Friday, we will have two gigs taking place. First The Gin Mill will have “Two Guys Drinking Beer” on stage. Ron and Terry, the two guys from “West”, are truly talented and excellent musicians. They will create a very FUN acoustic music party night with their good tunes and general silliness that always accompanies “The Two Guys” when they do their Gin Mill Gig. As always, remember The Gin Mill serves their excellent and reasonably priced menu till midnight on weekends.

Also at 9:00 PM Friday, The PUB in Great Valley will have “DJ Felony” along with his Karaoke Show in house. Therefore, The PUB patrons will not only get to hear “DJ Felony’s” neat selection of tunes, they will also be offered a chance to be part of The Karaoke Show or just kick back and enjoy The FUN PUB Times “DJ Felony” creates.

Saturday Gets ROCKIN at 6:00 PM in Balloons with “The Rhythm Rockers”. Like we’ve said before, most of us Balloons Regulars remember this very fine band as “Stevie B & The Rhythm Rockers”. This veteran band, with their roots in The Blues, has moved on to a wider variety of Classic Rock including some Southern Rock. In their recent Balloons Gigs they have included a couple of “Blackfoot” tunes. One of which is “Train”. Stevie B does this neat tune in true “Blackfoot” style. Maybe they will have a few more for us this time. We have just been informed that “DJ Flakey Frank” has had his pass from “The Disoriented DJ Home” Revoked. Therefore, following “The Rhythm Rockers”, “DJ Ace” will take over with his interesting music show, that includes good danceable and FUN tunes till close.

Returning to 9:00 PM Saturday, The Gin Mill will have “The Smarty Jones Band” back on their music stage. “RT Live” and a couple of his friends, who have formed this three-piece group, do a neat version of classic to country rock in a very audience involved way that will have The Gin Mill Crowd Bopin & Wevin all night long. The gigs they have done here before have been wonderful. This Gin Mill Show will be FUN.

After, what we hope will be a Sunday Bills win over The Titans, we move on to next week. It all begins in The Gin Mill with their excellent “All U Can Eat Spaghetti” dinner for only $6.99. “Country Connor, The Crash Dummy,” will be on Bar Duty adding to the good times with his neat selection of country classic tunes that he plays through The Gin Mills’ Sound System. 

Monday’s music becomes complete at 10:00 PM Sharp with Madigans Church on Monday. Deacon Dan and Reverend Jack will be ROCKIN their loyal, following & fans with another night of original Honky Tonk to Rock-A-Billy tunes done in their FUN and entertaining way. Therefore, another Unique Madigans Night of Music will happen.

Wednesday at 8:00 PM The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner and John Winston doing their Folk to Southern Rock Music Show. However, this week, like last few weeks, Freddie Joseph and Retro Lil Joey just might join in. The music will still be what Joe and John have done so well for many years. So stop by The Gin Mill this Wednesday and enjoy the music, wings and all around good times that always happens in The Gin Mill.

Then at 8:00 PM Thursday “Freddie & Friends” will be ROCKIN The Gin Mill.  This week’s version will include Freddie and RT for sure. After that we are little unsure. What we all know for sure is we will hear tunes with an excellent country to southern rock sound, which will create another excellent Gin Mill Music Night. 

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