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Ellicottville Entertainment Nov 23-29

Thanksgiving week of 2012 is now history. What a wonderful week it was. Good times, good weather, good friends and even better food. The next FUN time we have to look forward to is “Christmas In Ellicottville” sponsored and created by The Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce. This really FUN time takes place this Friday through Sunday. Check out the really neat list of events shown here in this fine newspaper.

Even though our weather is still fall like, we are coming up on winter and hopefully we will be skiing soon. While we look towards our winter FUN, let’s check out the music and other FUN STUFF. Starting today Friday November 23, 2012 through Thursday November 29, 2012, in addition to “Christmas In Ellicottville”, we will have seven Bands, four DJ’s, a couple of all week sound system music happenings, plus all the football, afternoon and night, food and drink specials happening here in The Ellicottville area, making this a very neat place to visit and even better place to live. Also keep in mind, to enjoy a great meal, check out the advertising on the adjoining pages of this fine newspaper for some excellent places to dine and have FUN in and around Ellicottville.

One of the sound system music happenings will take place in The Depot. They will be open Friday through Sunday with their sound system playing tunes that promote winter. Also there will be a bunch of neat ski flicks playing on and off during their hours of operation. So remember, If food liquor and laughter are what you are after, The Depot is your place to gather. Also, Madigans Sound System,  will be playing their version of Madigans Party Favorites until 10:00 PM most days. Then Club Madigans will take over and really increase the Good Times till close. The third location having their sound system going most of the hours they are open is Balloons. Their new Sound & Light System, like we usually say, is among the best. Whether it is playing unattended or in the hands of a DJ, the sound quality and light experience now in Balloons is really neat. The Gin Mills Sound System will also be playing excellent traditional country to rock tunes most of the hours they are open and do not have bands performing. The Gin Mill Music on Monday is especially good.

The first band gig of the weekend begins this Friday evening at 7:00 PM in Balloons with “The Ozone Rangers” in house. Before we get started, we owe The Ozone Rangers an apology for missing their gig during Fall Fest. Sorry guys, it won’t happen again. Like always this excellent Classic to Southern Rock Band, that looks a bit like “ZZ Top”, usually dedicates their second set to the music and show of “ZZ Top”. They are very crowd friendly and totally FUN. Therefore, Balloons will be the place to be this Friday for good music and even better times. Following “The Ozone Rangers”, “DJ Ace” will take over the party from Balloons Sound & Light Booth. The Show “DJ Ace” does will include neat danceable tunes and good Party-Time FUN till close. Returning to 9:00 PM Friday, The Gin Mill will host a great American Country Rock Band, “The Heritage”.  The leaders of this Buffalo based band are singer/songwriter Scott Militello and co-lead vocalist, Christian Kramer. Their music consists of both cover and original Country to Rock tunes. They also feature passionate guitar solos and vocal harmonies that are second to none. “The Heritage” will create, for sure, another FUN Gin Mill Friday Music Night. Also remember, The Gin Mill serves their excellent, yet very reasonably priced, menu till midnight on weekends. The Gin Mill’s Fish Fry it is great. Moving to Saturday at 6:00 PM, “The Electras” will be ROCKIN The Balloons Crowd with their “Hot Chicago Blues Show”. This Buffalo based band features four veteran Blues Musicians who have been part of the WNY Blues scene since before disco. Today, according to their website, this band remains true to their soulful blues roots. So if you love The Blues, Balloons is the place to be this Saturday. Following “The Electras”, “DJ Flakey Frank Watson”, “Ellicottville’s True & Original Party Monster”, will be in Balloons Sound & Light Booth displaying his innovative plan to continue the party already in place, with trend setting chit-chat and tune selection till close.

Returning to 8:00 PM Saturday, The PUB in Great Valley will host “DJ Felony” along with his Karaoke Show. So as we always say, The PUB patrons will not only get to hear “DJ Felony’s” neat selection of tunes, they will also be offered a chance to be part of The Karaoke Show or just enjoy The FUN PUB Times “DJ Felony” creates.

Then at 9:00 PM Saturday The Gin Mill will host the return of another FUN Olean Band “Zephyr”. This three-piece, long standing band, featuring Pete, Scottie and Stevie Ray, will again be causing really good Rock N Roll music times to happen in our area as they have done before. Their following, “The Zepherheads”, really know how to party and have FUN. They will, for sure, be part of the good time music scene in The Gin Mill this Saturday night.

After what we hope will be a Bills win over The Colts, lets now move to Monday in The Gin Mill at 6:00 PM, where their “All U Can Eat Spaghetti & Football Dinner” for only $6.99 will happen. Adding to The Gin Mill FUN will be “Connor The Crasher”. While on bar duty, Connor will be playing classic country tunes through the sound system until The Eagles take on The Panthers.

Then at 10:00 PM Sharpe, Monday rounds out in Madigans with Church on Monday. Deacon Dan and Reverend Jack just might hook up with Bongo’s Freddie. This threesome will, for sure, have Madigans BOPPIN & ROCKIN to the beat of their original Honky Tonk to Rock-A-Billy tunes, Thereby, making Madigans a very enjoyable place to visit Monday night.

Wednesday, the FUN and music begins at 8:00 PM, when The Gin Mill will have Joe Wagner and hopefully, John Winston doing their traditional Folk to Southern Rock Acoustic Night of Music. More than likely, Freddie and Retro Lil Joey will join in helping them create an even better Gin Mill Wednesday Night of Music. This show is absolutely the best and so are The Gin Mill’s Chicken Wings.

Thursday we will have two music events. First at 8:00 PM The Gin Mill will have “Freddie & Friends” doing their weekly version of what used to be “The Weekly Notice Band”. The music will be Classic to Country Rock. Just who will be performing won’t be known until they start the gig. What we know for sure, The Gin Mill will be ROCKIN & FUN this Thursday night.

Also at 8:00 PM Thursday The PUB in Great Valley will have “DJ Felony” along with his Karaoke Show back for another Thursday gig. This neat show gives The PUB Patrons two options. You may be part of the show or just kick back and enjoy The Local & FUN PUB Good Times.

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