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Recapping the 2014-15 Ski & Snowboard Season

By Dash Hegeman, Marketing Director, HoliMont Ski Area

It’s been an interesting winter here at HoliMont. We started off the season watching the southtowns of Buffalo (just 40-some miles north of us) get bombarded by snow in a very short amount of time. Meanwhile, here in Ellicottville we received next to none of the “Snovember” snowfall.

Then we experienced a period of time between November and December where it was just too warm and not anywhere close to ideal snowmaking conditions. After that we transitioned into January and February where Western New York got hit with some of the most consistently cold temperatures in recent memory.  This made for some excellent skiing and snowboarding as long as you dressed appropriately and took advantage of some well-timed hot chocolate breaks (there may have been record sales).

Alas, all good things must come to an end and we are nearing that point in the 2014-15 ski season. That said, our last day of the season is April 5, Easter Sunday.

Certain challenges are a given in the ski industry. This is a sport that is very weather dependent and not enough cold weather can delay the start of a good winter, just as much as too much cold weather (you haven’t forgotten those -20 degree Fahrenheit days already have you?) can deter people from wanting to even step outside to get their mail much less throw on layer upon layer and take to the slopes where the wind-chill can make the day even colder. Luckily, the people who are passionate about HoliMont seemed to take to the slopes regardless of what the temperature was because after all, it’s winter…it’s supposed to be cold out.  If you’re going to live in this region, it only makes sense to embrace the cold weather, and if you enjoy an active lifestyle, then the slopes of HoliMont provide a great escape from being cooped up inside.

This past season, HoliMont played host to a vast array of events both on and off the slopes. Après ski parties, thrilling ski and snowboard races, dramatic freestyle competitions, the Kids Escaping Drugs SkiScape and Ski Day for the United Way fundraisers, the annual Snowsports Phoenix Adaptive Race, inspirational Wounded Warrior events, weekly Dina’s at the ’Mont Fish Fry gatherings, Member social functions, TeleFest, the Acrobag Tour, Pond Skimming, and much, much more.

Every ski season is one of memories and this one has certainly created some great ones. We’ve seen everything from lifetime HoliMont Members with 50+ years of skiing at HoliMont under their belts to two-year-olds making their first tracks in the snow.  So many great memories packed into less than four months. That is the magic of the ski season…seeing just how much fun you can pack in between the first snowfall and the day when the chairlifts stop spinning.

HoliMont would like to thank our Members, their friends and families, our Weekday Experience Pass holders, the dedicated ski groups and everyone else who visited us throughout the season. We were thrilled to have you all here and we’re already looking forward to seeing you next season!

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