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Local Authors: Passions on Paper- New Superhero Book by Joshua Yox



By Alicia Dziak

If you’re looking for an all-new read to keep you on the edge of your seat,Wrath might be the book for you!

Recently written and released by Joshua Yox, this book is geared toward teens and adults due to its graphic nature.

Yox describes Wrath as “a super hero book with a lot of action and adventure.”

Yox, who works construction by day and teaches MMA and kickboxing by night, carved out time to write the book, self published through Amazon, featuring a character he’s imagined for a long time.

According to Yox, the main character, Dante, “is a good man during his life and he dies saving someone he hates. He goes to Heaven and God himself asks for a favor: go back and cleanse the earthen realm of evil. He is empowered by God becoming ‘Wrath’ and comes back to start his task. Samael (Satan) in the Abyss hears that God is interfering with man directly and realizes this breaks their treaty to only influence from a distance. He gears up his Demon army to take over the earthen realm and the battle begins.”

Yox’s writing process for this book took about two years.

“I have always wanted to create this character, so finally one day I started doing research on how to create a book. After a lot of work, I realized that simplicity is the best way,” he said.

Yox offers advice to first time writers with an idea. “Take your idea and think of it as a movie. Who is the main character? What is the book about? Write down every scene in your imagined ‘movie’ and it becomes your story board for your story progression. I think that having a rough idea of what you imagine will help guide you, but let the story write itself. Follow your instincts and hopefully it will come out great. Write until it is done and then go back and edit. Edit again and again until you think it is close. Then have someone brutally honest read it and tell you what they think.”

For Yox, the conclusion of this process resulted in an 80,000-word book. “I think it is unique just because of the fact I used a normal human who is empowered with Angelic powers by God himself,” he explained.

Yox plans on writing more books in the near future. “I am planning on continuing onto the next book after I finish the one I am currently working on,” he notes. “It is about another character that becomes a super hero. All of my characters will be linked in the same world and eventually will be working together in the future when needed. I will be writing many more books of Wrath and my newest line of characters. Hopefully there will be movies someday, but one thing at a time.”

While Yox resides in Orchard Park, he is a regular visitor to Ellicottville. “I love the food, unique stores and some of the taverns there,” he says of Ellicottville. “I think it is a very nice area!”

Wrath is currently available on Amazon in digital format for $4.99.

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