Thursday , June 20 2019
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GV Board Making Long-Term Plans

By Colleen Mahoney

The Town of Great Valley’s Board held discussions on the long-term future of the town at their Jan. 11 meeting. The town’s comprehensive plan is in need of an update and Town Supervisor Dan Brown would like to explore creating a municipal sewer system along the Route 219 corridor.

In New York, towns are supposed to update their comprehensive plans every 10 years.  Great Valley’s plan is almost 9 years old. Brown would like to use the occasion of an update to reach out to residents and listen to their vision for the town.

“The comprehensive plan is the future of the town, so residents should be involved,” Brown said.

The feasibility of creating a municipal sewer system to help generate development also was discussed. Brown pointed out that Great Valley is in a great location relative to Ellicottville and the town should capitalize on that.

“We have potential … people go through Great Valley to get to Ellicottville … but we have nothing to offer them,” Brown said. “A sewer system would allow for more development on a smaller scale.”

Currently, developers would need to make room for sewer and water along Route 219. Brown envisions a boost in development if the town can provide one of those resources.

By providing a sewer system, Brown anticipates that builders could develop on less land, allowing for the town to maintain its “open spaces.” A developer could use about one-third of the land needed now, for the same purpose, Brown explained.

Brown, again, requested the public’s input.

“I don’t feel like venturing down this road if no one supports it,” Brown said. “We need public input and public support.”

Both the discussion on the comprehensive plan and municipal sewer system will be ongoing, Brown said. He also hopes the board will explore the possibility of commercial solar energy.

In other business, the board officially combined the zoning board of appeals and the planning board into one entity, and its appointed members. The following people were appointed: Steve Ward, Rick Howard, Don Roll and Al Pucz as members; Christopher Schena as chairperson; and Amy DeTine and Jeff Ramsten as alternates. The combined board will meet the second Wednesday of each month.

The town board also reported that area dog kennels passed USDA inspections and kennel space can now be rented to the towns of Humphrey and Salamanca.

Help was requested from anyone who would like to plan the town’s 200 year anniversary in 2018, and a brief discussion was held on updating the town hall’s table and chairs and remodeling the hallway to improve wheelchair accessibility.

The meeting was held in recognition of outgoing county legislator Carl Edwards. Brown said Edwards has worked very hard for the town of Great Valley.

The next Town of Great Valley Board meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 8, at 7 p.m. The public is welcome.

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