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Randolph Schools Seeks Supt., Moritz Heads to SGI

“How can you ever have a down day when surrounded by young people?” This question from soon-to-be Superintendent of Schools at Springville-Griffith Institute (SGI), Kimberly Moritz, is more than just a rhetorical musing. It is a reflection of her inspiring experience as superintendent of Randolph Central School (RCS), a position that she has held since October 2008.

As Moritz embarks on her new journey at SGI, which she assumes on March 7, she leaves behind a school district that has grown tremendously under her guidance and collaboration with the board of education, administration, faculty and student body. Although Moritz leaves large shoes to fill, she has certainly left RCS in a strong, healthy position to grow under the leadership of its next superintendent.

In her time at RCS, Moritz has prioritized the quality of students’ education while partnering with families and the school community, a goal set out by the BOE from the beginning. Continuity has been a large part of the BOE and Moritz’s plan for RCS so that student achievement is maximized from kindergarten through grade 12.

“We work to give every child a consistent pathway through our schools in which the content of the curriculum each child is taught isn’t solely dependent upon the teacher the child has that year. Instead, we have developed cross-classroom and cross-grade level collaboration between our teachers with alignment to the NYS standards.”

The proof is in the pudding, as Randolph’s performance has surpassed that of most area schools. Moritz is proud to share that RCS experienced the sharpest three-year gains in state achievement tests (as measured by Buffalo’s Business First) than any district in Western New York. Significant gains for RCS also include the school’s impressive record for school taxes.

According to Moritz, “The BOE has a strong history of solid financial decisions and they worked hard to maintain a 0% increase in taxes from 2009-2014 while managing reserves and working to put together a prudent capital project that takes care of many of our basic needs like heating, rooftops, replacing the track and improving our science labs.”

It’s hard to talk about RCS without mentioning its athletic programs, including the championship-winning varsity football team. Celebrating Randolph’s state championships are among the many fond memories Moritz has of her time as superintendent.

Perhaps even more meaningful to Moritz are the everyday moments she shares with Randolph’s student body.

For several years, Moritz has opened her office doors to share lunch with her students. “The group who started this graduated three years ago, and I love keeping in touch with them. They stop in to see me on college breaks, invite me to lunch—that’s the rewarding part of those relationships—knowing that I may make a tiny difference in their lives and that they value the relationship enough to keep it going upon graduation.”

The school community at SGI promises to be just as passionate and enthusiastic about the road ahead as Moritz is. During the interview process, Moritz met more than 50 SGI residents, including BOE members, who are all eager to work with their new superintendent.

“I can’t wait to support all of the right things at SGI, things good and caring people have likely quietly been doing all along, and to help everyone improve those things that aren’t so right about the district. In my experience, the good, caring and hard-working people and students always outweigh those who don’t care…I can’t wait to get started!”

RCS is currently seeking applicants for the position of superintendent. According to Board President Michael Evans, “The Board of Education is seeking an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, proven educational leader who is committed to maintaining and encouraging a climate of excellence for students, faculty, and the community and our culture of high expectations.”

Evans encourages interested applicants to view and submit the application well before the February 29 deadline. Application materials are available at

For more information, contact RCS at (716) 358-7005 or email

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