Tuesday , June 25 2019
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HoganWillig Office Opens in Ellicottville


By Jann Wiswall

One of Buffalo’s top law firms has opened a satellite office in space behind the Ellicottville Pharmacy at 6129 Rt. 219 S.

HoganWillig, a full-service firm based in Amherst, has been interested in having a presence in Ellicottville for quite some time, but with the recent addition of Barbara Nuchereno to the staff as a law associate with business development responsibilities, the firm made the commitment without further delay.

That’s because Nuchereno knows Ellicottville. She and her family have been coming to Holiday Valley to skiing and snowboarding for many years and her children are on the HV snowboard team.

Over these years, Nuchereno became friends with other race-team parents, as well as lots of regulars at the resort. When she joined HoganWillig last year, friends immediately suggested that the firm could do well here.

“The area’s local firms are excellent, but we kept hearing they’re overloaded,” Nuchereno said.  “When we looked at the community and county as a whole, we realized there was room for another firm that offers additional services. We’re not here to compete; we’re able to complement others. We hope there will be many referral opportunities ahead.”

The firm, which also has satellite offices in Buffalo, Lancaster and Lockport, offers matrimonial and family corporate and business, bankruptcy, medical malpractice, criminal defense, civil litigation, Social Security and disability services, as well as real estate law, estate planning and more.

“People can come to our Ellicottville office and have access to the specialists in our entire firm,” she said.

HoganWillig’s Managing Partner, Diane Tiveron, who with partner and founder Corey Hogan made the final decision to expand to Ellicottville, added that HoganWillig and the Ellicottville area are a good personality fit.

“The character of our firm is down-to-earth. Corey [Hogan] is the most brilliant, driven, ethical person I know. By example, we built our business on being respectful of people and their issues,” Tiveron said. “We work hard, one client at a time.”

The Ellicottville office “is a portal to the rest of our office,” she said, “so clients get the benefits of a large firm close to home. Anyone who walks through these doors Monday through Friday can always talk to an attorney who can help guide them to the person they need.”

Nuchereno explained that five HoganWillig attorneys will rotate through the office each week. Their specialties differ, but anyone can walk in, explain their issue, and be directed to the exact person they need.

Nuchereno, for example, will be in the office every Monday, so someone who walks in or makes an appointment can immediately have access to her legal knowledge in person. Then, if a client would be better served by another expert, she’ll make a phone call.

“We can put a client and the attorney they need face-to-face via Skype® within minutes,” she said.

HoganWillig also wants to serve as a resource for area residents.

“We hope to start a series of free informational programs at local libraries or another venue soon,” Tiveron said.

For more information, visit www.hoganwillig.com or call (716) 636-7600 (main) or (716) 932-6790 (EVL).

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