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2016 RACE RESULTS: EVL Sisters Take Gold and Silver in Section VI Race


By Caitlin Croft

Last Wednesday, Ellicottville Central School’s Alpine Race Team competed in a slalom race at Kissing Bridge in Glenwood, NY.  Hayly Fredrickson carried her success from the previous weekend placing second overall, as sister Logan Fredrickson edged her out to take the gold!

Orry Shattenberg placed third for the men’s team that day, followed by Jesse Booth in 4th place, Rex Paddock in 6th and Victory Reiman in 7th.  Congrats to the men for taking four of the top ten finishes!   

HV/HM Racing Results

On the Junior Race Circuit, HoliMont and Holiday Valley’s U21/U19/U16 athletes traveled to Bristol Mountain in Canandaigua, NY, for a Super G this past weekend.  A Super G is an alpine skiing event combining elements of downhill and giant slalom.  Results were as follows:

HoliMont Women (U16): Zoe Knauss finished 2nd (4th overall), Andee Berberich came in 13th (21st overall), Brogan Cairns was 27th (33rd overall) and Rachel Green finished 36th (45th overall).

Holiday Valley Women (U21/U19): Katrina Surdyka (U19) finished 1st in her age group (6th overall) with Lauren Bachert (U19) placing 20th (52nd overall)

Holiday Valley Women (U16): Devynn Martin placed 4th (8th overall), Candice Kasahara was 6th (10th), Anya Elizondo came in 8th (14th), Taylor Hubert took 9th (15th), Paige Duffy was 11th (19th), Katherine Wojnowski placed 14th (24th), Phoebe Dunn was 21st (35th), McKenzie Galvin took 27th (44th) and Haley Barden placed 35th (59th).

HoliMont Men (U16): Carson Foxcroft won the U16 division finishing 3rd overall. Gage Thibodeau was 3rd (5th overall), Andrew Mangan was 7th (23rd), Ethan Richards took 14th (33rd), Nicholas Scott placed 15th (34th), Carlo Muscarella was 24th (44th), William Peters came in 26th (46th) and Maxxon Solly finished 29th (50th).

Holiday Valley Men (U19): John Carbaugh finished 3rd (6th overall), Nicholas Costanzo came in 12th (17th) and Eric Schafer was 23rd (59th).

Holiday Valley Men (U16):  Nathan Briselden placed 4th (13th overall), Max Carbaugh was 20th (39th), Joshua Allegra took 25th (45th), Sean Nolan was 28th (49th) and Jes Sauereisen took 35th (57th).

Both teams had a great week/weekend of racing. Congratulations to the athletes for all of their hard work.  Tune in next week for Super G results from the HVs strong U14 team!

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