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Winners! Championship Race Teams Announced


By Caitlin Croft

Once again, Ellicottville’s two ski racing clubs saw much success over the weekend, this time at the Kandahar Championships held at Hunt Hollow Ski Club in Naples, NY.  The race consisted of one Kombi run and two Giant Slalom runs.

From this race, the best twelve U12 men and women and the best six U14 men and women will continue on to represent New York State at the Piche Invitational at Gunstock Mountain Resort in New Hampshire.

Qualifications were based on the lowest place points using 1 of 3 scores; first run, second run and overall place.

Kandahar Champs Results:

Carissa Dunlap (U10) of HoliMont, who qualified for a race that is difficult to make at her age, placed 25th overall!  Harry Scanlon, also a U10, finished 54th. Congratulations to both athletes for qualifying!

U12 Women: Charleigh Priestman of HoliMont was able to podium, taking the silver medal. Following close behind in 4th was Holiday Valley’s Alison Martin.  Madalyn Cummings (HO) took 7th after a thriller comeback placing 2nd in the GS run.  Simona Muscarella (HO) finished 8th, Heather Dunlap (HO) 10t, Isabella Stringer (HO) 12th, Gianna Fererra (HO) 13th and Sarah Kelly (HO) 17th.

U12 Men: Holiday Valley’s Erik Shattenberg continued his successful 2016 season by placing 4th. HoliMont’s Logan Kidd finished 5th. Ian McKenna (HO) took 9th and Carson Corey (HV) finished 16th.

U14 Women: Nyah Solly of HoliMont took the gold with her best result of the season! Megan Peters (HO) took to the podium as well, taking the bronze medal and Alaina Lah (HV) had a breakout race finishing 5th.

U14 Men: HoliMont’s Will Knauss placed 6th while teammate Michael Turnbull finished the day in 14th.

The women moving on to the Piche Invitational will be Alison Martin and Alaina Lah from Holiday Valley and HoliMonters Mary Catherine Mangan, Madalyn Cummings, Heather Dunlap, Charleigh Priestman, Simona Muscarella, Gianna Fererra, Nyah Solly and Megan Peters.

On the Men’s side Erik Shattenberg (HV), Logan Kidd (HO) and Ian McKenna (HO) will continue their post season quest!

U14 State Championships

At Bristol Mountain this past weekend, the top U14’s in the state competed at the U14 State Championships. From there, athletes move on to U14 Eastern Champs at Sunday River in Maine or the NYSSRA/VARA Stratton Event at Stratton Mountain in Vermont.

Super G:

Women: Holiday Valley had an extremely strong showing with Logan Fredrickson taking 2nd, Hayly Fredrickson 4th, Caroline DeRose 5th, Lauren Thomas 6th and Sierra Cappelli 25th.

Men: Alec Nolan of Holiday Valley took 5th, followed by teammates Laz Rifkin who took 7th, Alex Wojnowski 8th, Dalton Potter 9th, Orry Shattenberg 19th, Mitchell Azcarate 32nd and Ross Fuller 46th.  HoliMont’s Lucas Johnson placed 11th.

Giant Slalom:

Women: Lauren Thomas of Holiday Valley swept the day taking the gold! Caroline DeRose (HV) placed 5th, followed by teammates Cassidy Creager 6th, Logan Fredrickson 8th, Hayly Fredrickson 9th and Sierra Cappelli 14th.  HoliMont’s Kate Masliwec took 17th.

Men: Lucas Johnson (HO) podiumed, taking the bronze medal! Dalton Potter (HV) placed 6th followed by teammates Alex Wojnowski 7th, Reichen Morrisey 21st, Orry Shattenberg 25th and Ross Fuller 47th. HoliMont’s Austin Gyorgy placed 17th.


Women: Sierra Cappelli (HV) had a breakout race finishing 2nd on the day.  Cassidy Creager was also on the podium after taking the bronze medal. Kate Masliwec (HO) finished 14th and Hayly Fredrickson (HV) finished 26th.

Men: Lucas Johnson (HO) continued his success finishing 2nd.  Holiday Valley’s Alex Wojnowski finished 6th, followed by teammates Laz Rifkin 11th, Orry Shattenberg 35th and Ross Fuller 38th.

Eastern Champs Teams:

Women: Lauren Fredrickson, Sierra Cappelli, Caroline DeRose, Logan Fredrickson, Cassidy Creager and Hayly Fredrickson.

Men: Cameron Johnson, Alex Wojnowski, Alec Nolan, Dalton Potter and Laz Rifkin.

NYSSRA/VARA Stratton Event Team:

Holiday Valley’s Orry Shattenberg and HoliMont’s Austin Gyorgy

The Ellicottville Times wishes all of the athletes continuing success representing NYS at their respective events. We will have full coverage of results from all competitions.

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