Monday , June 17 2019
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Health & Fitness: Rediscover Core Movements


By Kim Duke, NETA & AAFA Certified Trainer

Strength training is one of my favorite ways to workout.  If done properly, it can be the most efficient and effective training you do for your body.  Both men and women can benefit since muscle mass is the key to maintaining your metabolism and bone density.  Strength training also helps to improve coordination and balance, and safeguards your joints.  However, learning the low down on your body’s mechanics will help you build a stronger, leaner, injury-resistant body.

Lots of people work out daily, but haven’t seen improvements in some time.  This can be attributed to taking a passive approach to training by distracting yourself with devices versus concentrating and focusing on your body’s movements.  Plus, many workouts are based on one-dimensional movements associated with bodybuilding.  There’s a lot of pushing and pulling, but rarely are the CORE MUSCLES, (hips torso, pelvis and lower back), integrated into the training.

We need to rediscover and reactivate the core movements we were born with and see in children.  Children can lunge, twist, crawl, balance and pull naturally.  Somewhere along the line, we stop moving this way and subscribe to workout programs that actually discourage these natural movements.

Most movement starts from a remarkable muscle called the transverse abdominis (TA).  Think of the TA as nature’s weight belt.  It originates from the lower spine and wraps around and attaches to the ribs, abdominals, and pelvis.  When we draw the belly button in toward the spine and up toward the ribs, we’re essentially tightening a belt, ensuring protection of the pelvis and lower back.  Your natural weight belt stabilizes the pelvis and supports the torso.

The body can be retrained to be more explosive, flexible, elastic and functional.  I want you to realize that there is no reason to burden yourself with limitations.

Knowledge is Empowering.  Once you understand the science behind what you are doing and truly participate in the workout, you will be able to enjoy the benefits and freedoms of increased physical activity and an overall stronger and resilient body!

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