Sunday , June 16 2019
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Soil Health Workshop April 15

Carol MacNeil, CCE Cornell Vegetable Program will be our guest presenter. Carol’s focus is improving soil health, production and pest management, and improving growers’ ability to forecast and manage the potentially devastating late blight disease.

What is soil?  It’s not just dirt!  Soil is made up of minerals, live and dead organic material, and pore space (for air and water).  The proportions and interactions of these parts determine whether a soil is healthy, supporting top crop production, or is in poor health, resulting in crop stress and increased soil-borne disease.  Extra fertilizer can’t make up for poor soil health!

This workshop will cover the biology, physical condition, and chemistry of a healthy, productive soil.  The Cornell Soil Health Test will be described, and examples of test results on area vegetable soils will be shared.  Ways to improve the health and productivity of your soil will be discussed.  How to sample soil for an accurate nutrient analysis will be demonstrated.  The Cornell pH Test Kit (do-it-yourself) will be shown, and participants will have the opportunity to test their own soil.  Be sure to bring a soil sample!  Part of this workshop will be in the field or hoop house.

There is no fee for this event. Pre-register or walk-in.  Pre-registration is helpful for determining the number of handouts needed, as well as the number of chairs.

Because this meeting is on a more general topic, field crop and other farmers are also invited to attend.

Contact Lynn Bliven, CCE Allegany County, at:  (585) 268-7644 x18 or

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