Tuesday , June 18 2019
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GV Board Tackles Killbuck Sewer Issue

By Colleen Mahoney

The Town of Great Valley took the first step in addressing the sewer problem in Killbuck at its June 13 board meeting.

The board heard from Eric Wohlers, environmental health director of the County Health Department, who explained the history of the sewer issues and the process moving forward.

According to Wohlers, the soil in Killbuck doesn’t drain well and space availability restricts personal sewer systems. Current septic systems have met or exceeded their lifespan, which Wohlers said will continue to happen. The septic problem has been studied intermittently since 1989.

“There is no place to put proper septic systems that will meet county and state requirements,” Wohlers said. “Storm water carries a lot of sewage … into the Great Valley Creek … that’s going to keep happening until we get public sewers out there.”

In order to move forward with a public sewer system, which would connect to the city of Salamanca, the town needs to update its design plan and fund a base engineering report. With an estimated price tag of $35,000, the town will seek grant funding to help cover the cost of the engineering study.

The board agreed to enter into an agreement with Municipal Solutions and engineer Mark Alianello, president of MDA Consulting Engineers, to apply for the grant funding. Wohlers said that Municipal Solutions, a Canandaigua-based municipal financial advisory company, has a proven track record of being awarded grant funding. In 2015, 15 of 16 municipalities in Western New York who received grant funding worked with Municipal Solutions, Wohlers said.

The board also revisited options surrounding the Killbuck Fire Department pavilion, which has attracted interested buyers. According to FD member Larry Haines, the department has been approached by four parties who are interested in buying or using the pavilion. The department hasn’t used the pavilion in two years and doesn’t have plans to use it in the future.

The pavilion property is currently leased by the town of Great Valley from the Seneca Nation of Indians. The board discussed options, including the possibility of sub-letting the pavilion or selling the steel structure, which is owned by the Fire Department. It is also possible that the Nation would sell the property. There was no action taken on the matter.

The Great Valley Town Board will meet next on July 11 at 7 p.m.

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