Monday , June 24 2019
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GV Cell Tower Decision Delayed Again

By Colleen Mahoney

The town of Great Valley Planning Board once again put its vote regarding the proposed Horvath Communications cell tower on hold. Verizon Wireless, the service provider for the proposed Martin Road tower, requested the delay before the June 8 board meeting.

According to Planning Board chairman Chris Schena, Verizon had not gathered all the paperwork requested by the board, in time for the meeting. There is a motion and second on the table to approve the controversial tower, which was made in March.

During the SEQR process, it was revealed Horvath Communications did not have a letter from the New York State Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation stating there would be no environmental impact. The company has since obtained the document, but was not able to produce a board-requested rendering of the vegetation screen and berm that would help disguise the tower.

In order to vote on the tower, the board has to complete the SEQR. At the request of Verizon and Horvath, all board members need to be present for the vote. Board member Rick Howard, who owns the property adjacent to the proposed tower location, will not vote.

A date for the next planning board meeting was not set.

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