Wednesday , June 26 2019
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Public Hearing Set for Stillhouse Brewpub

By Jann Wiswall

A public hearing was scheduled for July 25 at 6 p.m. by the Town of Ellicottville Planning Board to allow comment on a special use permit for the proposed Stillhouse Brewpub at 6600 Rt. 219.

The project review was tabled by the planning board in February at town engineer Mark Alianello’s suggestion, who said the (now former) Stillhouse engineer “does not seem to understand what the planning board needs.”

That engineer was replaced with Carl Calarco, who represented the owner at the June 27 Planning Board meeting.

Earlier this month, business owner William Bursee was granted four variances from the Ellicottville Zoning Board of Appeals. Three of the variances were for parking lot easements. The fourth was for a landscape buffer.

Town Planner Gary Palumbo reported that both he and Alianello agree that the newly engineered plans are complete and ready for final review and a public hearing. He said Calarco had addressed all of the issues noted in February, and the plans now largely meet the board’s needs.

Board members asked that the lighting and landscape plan be reviewed to ensure that the property to the south is visually protected. They also asked for a signage plan.

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