Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Help Stop Invasive Species July 10-16

This year marks the third Invasive Species Awareness Week (ISAW) in New York State and groups across western New York are sponsoring activities July 10 – 16.

Some of the greatest harm to our environment and agriculture is caused by invasive plants and animals – organisms that have been accidentally or intentionally introduced to new areas and spread uncontrollably. Last year, over 100 invasive species activities occurred throughout the state and this year the Western New York PRISM region is poised and ready with a lineup of even more great activities and events to mark the occasion. Everyone is encouraged to participate in Awareness Week activities to learn about important steps to take to protect their favorite natural areas.

Most invasive species reproduce in high numbers, lack predators and are highly adapted to their new environment. Invasive species can be costly to homeowners, affect human health or vastly change an ecosystem. Examples of invasive species found in WNY include emerald ash borer, giant hogweed, and Japanese stiltgrass. Citizens can help manage and control invasive species; they often are the first line of defense in reporting new infestations, such as observing and reporting signs and symptoms of forest-pest damage, and in participating in the removal of invasive plants. Organizations throughout the state are working together to help slow the spread of invasive species.

Check out these events at Allegany State Park:

Tuesday, July 12

Creepy Crawlies…Hemlock Wooly Adelgid Hike at Allegany SP, Salamanca, NY (10 noon):  Meet at the entrance to the Mt. Tuscarora hiking trail near the Quaker entrance for a hike and discussion about the hemlock woolly adelgid, an invasive insect found in some of Allegany’s hemlock trees.

Friday, July 15

Bad Bugs, Allegany State Park (1 to 2 p.m.):  Learn about a really bad bug, emerald ash borer and what it is doing to our trees. Meet at Macintosh Cabin 4, Red House Area.

For more info, call (716) 354-9101.

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