Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Planning Board Approves Martha St. Renovation


By Jann Wiswall

Following a public hearing on the matter, the Village Planning Board approved a special use permit for attorney Clayton Silvernail’s renovation of the former Agway property at 11 Martha Street. Silvernail plans to convert the building into three professional offices.

The board and the new village planner, Gary Palumbo, noted that the building is a pre-existing, non-conforming structure due to the shape and placement of the building on the property. And as low-intensity offices, the use of the building also was determined to be non-conforming. As such, the board determined that parking requirements can be non-conforming and approved designation of three private parking spaces for the property. The board also felt that the new public parking spots on Martha Street make the parking manageable.

The board placed one condition on the permit: plans for a retaining wall on the property must be approved by the village engineer to ensure it will adequately control erosion and will leave enough space for the three approved parking spaces.

Following approval of the permit, the board initiated a review of the architectural plans for the building. It was quickly noted that the plans are missing some necessary detail, such as specific selections of light fixtures, doors and a landscape plan. Silvernail said he would have that information available in time for the next planning board meeting.

The next project on the agenda was an application for a special use permit and site plan review for a three-car garage/accessory apartment at 22 Elizabeth Street. The board reviewed building size and useable open space requirements and determined the project meets zoning law standards and that the application was complete. The architectural plan also was approved with the condition that the east-side garage bay may be used for storage but not for vehicles because of the layout of the driveway. A public hearing on the project was scheduled for the next meeting on Tuesday, August 9 at 5:30 p.m. in the village/town hall.

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