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219 Bridge Project Update


By Colleen Mahoney

The Miller Road – South Cascade Drive bridge is on budget and on time, according to New York State Department of Transportation Regional Public Information Officer Susan Surdej. Crews have been working to get the new bridge constructed since the old structure was imploded on June 2.

The $16.9 million project is expected to be completed by Sept. 23, 2017.

“Work is proceeding on the 219 bridge and it should be done by September 2017,” Surdej said. “We expect it to be open to traffic by June 2017,” she added.

The project is being completed using “design-build,” a procedure that allows the work to be done in an expedited fashion. The design-build strategy means that a team of designers and contractors work together throughout the project. Erdman-Anthony is the design firm working with the bridge and Cold Spring Construction is the lead contractor.

Currently, there are four locations on the bridge that are being worked on –  the north and south bridge abutments and piers one and two. Surdej explained that pier one, which is on the south side of the bridge, was placed Aug. 5. It’s the first of nine concrete pours.

Pier two, on the north side, was poured earlier this week, it’s the third of 10 pier concrete pours.

The footers have been completed on both the south and north abutments. The lower and upper stems on the north abutments have been completed, the upper stem for the south abutment was placed this week.

Surdej expects the concrete for the backwall –  the vertical walls at either end of the structure – to be placed sometime next week. Once the backwall has been placed, the pedestals and wingwalls will follow.

The steel for the deck of the bridge should arrive in early November, and the concrete deck is expected to be poured in April 2017.

“We’re working as much and as quickly as we can to get this project done,” Surdej said. “We’re going to work through the winter … to keep it going.”

Once completed, the new bridge will have two 12-foot lanes, two 8-foot shoulders and five galvanized steel bridge railings. There will be no weight restrictions on the new structure. At 183 feet tall, the structure will be solid concrete with a steel girder connecting the bridge deck to the piers, which are being manufactured to prevent erosion and rust.

With regular maintenance, the bridge is expected to last 75 years.

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