Monday , June 24 2019
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CLAWS Fundraiser Aug. 5

Letter to the Editor

Dear Proprietor and Friend,

We are a local group of concerned citizens planning a fundraiser for our new project called “CLAWS,” which stands for “Cats Lives Are Worth Saving.” Our mission is to Trap, Neuter and Return the stray/feral cats living in our village. The population of our dumpster kitties is growing out of control. TNR is the only legal and humane method proven to work. (See below for more info)

We are holding an event at 6 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 5 at the Ellicottville Town Center and are asking for your support with a donation. Food and beverages for the event itself are needed. Also gift certificates (for a product or service), gift baskets, or individual items …to be used for door prizes, Chinese auction and silent auction. It doesn’t have to be much…any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!


TRAP:  after adequate preparation, colony cats are trapped using humane traps

NEUTER (OR SPAY): the captured cats are transported in their traps to a spay/neuter provider (in our case, Dr. Tim O’Leary of Almost Home Animal Sanctuary) where they are also provided with vaccinations (rabies, etc)

RETURN: after recovery, the cats are returned to where they were trapped and supplied with on going care.

THE RESULTS: The cats no longer reproduce, the population stabilizes and gradually declines over time.

CLAWS is committed to the long term care of Ellicottville’s cat colonies. We will first focus on the Village colony, then we also plan to target those in the Holiday Valley and HoliMont areas.

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