Monday , June 17 2019
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New Building, Big Plans for Root 39 Salon & Spa


By Ashlee Oakley

Outside Root 39 Salon and Spa, you get a view of well-groomed flowers and eclectic, rural-themed décor. A huge mural of beautiful, rolling hills, with a sign saying “Love You” greets customers as they are coming and going down the newly paved driveway. You walk up the stairs and are greeted by a warm, comfortable, and unique atmosphere, starting with their friendly receptionist and administrative assistant, Diane. You are offered a variety of refreshments, and a comfortable seat while you wait— there is plenty to look at, with fun, yet elegant, decorations and architecture.

Taylor Glass, a hairdresser at Root 39 since 2011, gave me a tour of the salon and spa. She showcased their manicure and pedicure areas, a new esthetics room, a well-stocked and shining retail space, and an offset room looking out over the countryside, (gorgeous for private bridal parties!), not to mention each employee’s interesting, colorful, and diverse station.

Owner and American Board Certified hair colorist Ang Shaver was busily working for our interview, but after making sure it was okay with her customer, was happy to speak with me while she quickly and professionally performed a color treatment on a woman’s hair. “I just work here,” she joked.

This motivated business owner seems to live for breaking the glass ceiling. When asked what made her go into cosmetology, Shaver paused for a moment and smiled. “It was something I always knew,” she said. “It chose me, I didn’t choose it.”

Shaver has been a cosmetologist since she got her start at Salon Kassel in Hamburg, before opening Root 39 Salon in 1997. Root 39 Salon, the name referring to their former location on Main Street/New York Route 39 in Springville, quickly became popular. While the new location is at 500 Cascade Drive, Shaver said she has no intention of changing the name (a nod to the salon’s “roots”, perhaps?). The new location is a testament to Shaver’s desire to never be at a standstill, to always keep moving up and keep growing.

While color and hair services are the most popular services offered at Root 39 Salon and Spa, they have also added many new services, such as spray tanning and massage. Other services include facials, waxing, makeup, manicures, pedicures and more.

Shaver speaks highly of her staff. She states that all the girls must sign a contract when hired that they take at least three continued learning classes per year, and they tend to go above and beyond what she asks of them. The girls at Root 39 make it a fun competition to keep themselves educated, while keeping up on all of the new beauty treatments, procedures, and products. Shaver proudly grins, “They are going to win me a NAHA (North American Hairstyling Award)! It’s going to look great on our trophy wall.”

Eventually, she looks forward to leaving a legacy, and only having her dogs to manage… but not any time soon! Her plans for the future of the building are big, and include a patio, a garden, and other additions to the already impressive facility.

Mahogany Rose, a conference & special occasion facility, is located downstairs from Root 39, where Rose Heckathorn has spaces available for rentals, classes, showers, small weddings, and so on.

Of the new property and the move, Shaver said, “We have 24 acres… I have dreams. Eventually I want to get to all of it!” I guess a girl can’t give up all of her secrets.

For more information on Shaver, her employees, or services they provide, visit, Root 39 Salon and Spa on Facebook, and @root39salon on Instagram. You will not regret calling 592-3939 to make an appointment with Root 39 Salon and Spa!

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