Monday , June 24 2019
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Springville Times Gets Official Status

Earlier this week, the Springville Times was named the official paper of the village of Springville and one of the official papers of the Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District. While the distinction of official paper means we are the “go-to” paper for legal and public notices for the municipalities, it means a lot more to us as a publication.

Now in our third ever issue, we believe the official paper distinction to be one that puts the trust of Springville and S-GI into our hands. It’s a nod to our professionalism and our commitment to the communities we serve. The Ellicottville Times has never taken its distinction as official paper lightly, and the Springville Times doesn’t intend to, either.

We didn’t produce the Springville Times for the official newspaper distinction; and we wouldn’t have left if we didn’t get it. We’re here to bring local news to the residents who make our communities so special – the people we see daily, who deserve the most fair and local news we can give them.

We’re here to stay, officially.

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