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CAReS to Offer Free Family Support Group

The Council on Addiction Recovery Services (CAReS), an outpatient addiction treatment center with four locations throughout Cattaraugus County, will hold free, hour-long sessions for eight weeks starting Thurs,, Aug. 25, 2016 at its 201 S. Union Street location in Olean. No sign-up is required.

Learn about the heroin and drug epidemic in your area, the use of Narcan to save lives and assisted medical therapies available to your loved ones who struggle with addiction.

Jene Gardner, director of clinical services:   “CAReS has developed a support group for people with addicted loved ones and their families.  The eight week course will entail what it means to enable versus actually helping those who are addicted, the use of Narcan to save lives and how to detect if your loved one is using.  In one of the sessions, a ‘bedroom’ will be staged to help families identify different types of drugs a loved one could be hiding in their bedroom.”

CAReS was founded in 1974 and has been providing substance use counseling, residential services, and prevention education since 1988.  CAReS has facilities in Olean, Machias, Salamanca and Gowanda.

To learn more visit us at or call (716)373-4303 ext. 500

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