Sunday , May 26 2019
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Gabler Announces Candidacy for Catt Co. Judge

Olean and Salamanca City Court Judge William J. Gabler, Sr., announced…that he is a candidate for the office of Cattaraugus County Judge that will be filled this fall due to the mandatory retirement of Judge Michael L. Nenno at the end of this year.  Judge Gabler has been endorsed by the Conservative and Democratic Parties.

Judge Gabler retired from his position as Cattaraugus County Family Court Support Magistrate at the end of 2013, where he served for 28 years.  He has continued to serve as the Salamanca City Court Judge, a position he has held for the past 25 years; and, was appointed to the part-time Judge position in the Olean City Court in January after serving in that Court the past year on assignment from his post as Salamanca City Court Judge filling the void left by Judge William H. Mountain’s retirement.   In addition, he represents the Salamanca Industrial Development Agency and the Allegany County Department of Social Services’ Support Collection Unit.

In making the announcement, Judge Gabler said, “This decision comes after a great deal of thought, soul searching and prayer.  My decision was made more difficult by the political challenge to the designating petitions and the removal of my name from the Democratic line on this year’s ballot.  But, I believe it is more important for the voters of Cattaraugus County to have the opportunity to elect their next County Judge rather than our Judge being selected by a handful of political operatives in Little Valley.  The nature of the work done by our County Courts is serious and sensitive and demands a judge with tested judicial experience.  Just this year our County Court has heard a murder trial and other serious felony cases and our Family Court deals on a daily basis with intimate and emotional issues such as the custody and visitation of children, abuse and neglect of children and juvenile delinquency.  Our County Courts are no place for on-the-job training.”

He added, “I am 64 years old.  I have been on the bench, hearing and deciding tens of thousands of cases in the New York State Family Court, Salamanca City Court and Olean City Court for nearly 31 years – essentially half of my life.  Over those three decades I have been appointed, reappointed or elected 16 times.  Sixteen times my record has been thoroughly vetted, approved and I have been continued in office – and my appointments have been made by Republican and Democratic administrations alike.  I respectfully submit this stands as a testament to the quality of my judicial work, my work ethic and my judicial temperament.  The voters of Cattaraugus County will not have to guess at the kind of County Judge I will be, they have only to look at my long judicial record for the answer.”

In keeping with his record of non-partisanship and reflecting his history of bi-partisan support, Judge Gabler will be reaching out for support from voters in all political parties and independents alike.

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