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Village Planning Board: Local Businesses Plan Moves

By Caitlin Croft

Three new items were addressed in the Village Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Weed Ross Agency underwent a site plan review for a new commercial building located at 4 Monroe Street. This current residence is zoned commercially and will be converted into a 1,600 sq. ft. insurance agency. There are no architectural changes to be made as to maintain continuity between the primary residential character of that end of the street. Building meets all setbacks and redevelopment conditions. The only addressed issue is how on-site parking will be handled. Parking on-site when available for a commercial unit must always be accommodated. The Public Hearing on PB-2016-10 is set for the Oct. 11 meeting with the condition on-site parking must be clarified prior to Sept. 27.

Kwik Fill gas station, located at 1 E. Washington Street, has proposed a new vinyl wrap for their gas pump canopy. The initial proposal included three “K” Kwik Fill logos and one Driving America (slogan) graphic. This was adjusted according to planning board requests. The final decision is there will be one 24 sq. ft.  “K” Kwik Fill logo on the new green wrap, which will face Washington Street, pending the conditions that other non-approved signage will be removed and the outside is cleaned up. Planning board deemed only the logo portion as the sign and the green portion of the wrap as the façade color. Last in new business was another sign approval for the Looney Rooms Bed and Breakfast, located on Rockwell which has met all village standards and was approved.

The public hearing for 49 Washington Sreet, the conversion of the former Kwik Fill to financial institution, was executed along with site plan, architectural review and special use permit in the Sept. 13 meeting. An ATM kiosk on the west side of the parking lot and its flow of traffic was the main issue addressed previously. The final decision will provide safe and adequate access, turning radius and parking spaces as ensured. Site plan was approved. The special use permit was also approved, along with the architectural review pending the following conditions are met: landscaping to remain and be cleaned up, green window tint shown in rendering will not be used, all windows will remain clear, light poles will be black and the sign permit must be applied for.

The new duplex project at 51 Mill Street will move forward with its plans for a minor subdivision. It will consist of three duplexes. Setbacks are met, duplexes are allowed per village zoning and alternative layouts have been addressed to show that shared driveways cannot be avoided. The project’s application is complete and a Public Hearing has been set for the Oct. 11 meeting.

The next meeting of the Village Planning Board is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 11 in the town/village hall.

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