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Mystery at the Library


Mystery at the Library

On Friday the 14th of October, Mystery Day, you are invited to a reception to introduce the newest art exhibit at the Ellicottville Memorial Library on Maples Road. Reception is from 7 to 9 p.m.  All are welcome to look at the art work, meet the artists and enjoy the appetizers.

Hung in the lobby will be portrait drawings of locals. Your challenge will be to identify those featured in the drawings. There will be a sheet for you to fill out with their names and your guesses of whose portrait you are looking at. Then leave your guess list at the library. Winner will be selected at the end of December so you’ll have time to ponder the portraits, solving the mystery: Who Are They?

In August of 2008, a  group of locals started meeting at the library every Thursday evening, drawing the figure and portraits to develop their artistic skills.  Other locals volunteered to sit still for two hours – yes, they joined in the conversation — to have their portraits drawn. The group was started by Jennifer Widger and Barbara Fox, a professional artist who usually does still life paintings and landscapes. She also is a coin designer for the US Mint. Check your pockets for her coins and visit her studio on Mill Street to see her work and to watch her work.

She was interested in expanding her skills by drawing people. Jennifer  suggested they meet weekly, which they have done. Robin Vosberg and Lynn Timon were also there at the beginning. Robin has since moved to Olean, but Lynn remains a faithful attendee.

You all know Lynn’s artistic work. She has drawn the covers for E’ville Events since its start 32 years ago when there was no local newspaper in Ellicottville.   Another early attendee was Urania Shakely, formerly owner of the Purple Doorknob Sock Shop. She has since moved to Bellingham, WA. Over the years, others have joined the group, including Carolyn Widger,  Jenn Karns, Marcy Hazard, Sue Parsons and  Leah Rusiniak, who comes less frequently now  as she is busy caring for baby Daniel.  When will he stay still long enough to pose?

Currently,  two other professional artists Robin Clark, a landscape painter, and Elliott Hutten, a stoneware potter, have joined the group. Both have studios in East Otto. Robin’s is the Brookside Studio and Elliott’s is the Hog-Shed Pottery Studio.  You have probably visited their studios during the autumn East Otto Country Artist’s tour.  Karley Brooks, a talented young artist and musician is also an occasional attendee.

Many locals, as well as others visiting the area, have posed for the group.

Come look at the portraits hanging from October through December in the library’s lobby and submit your guesses. The winner will have the opportunity to pose for the drawing group, with our usual payment and portrait to take home, all for sitting still. Hope to see you there.

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